Celebrity News: Judge to Hear Proposal for Co-Guardianship of Jackson Children

This is an update, regarding the Katherine Jackson now seeking to be co-guardian of her own grandchildren.  After listening to KTLA video, it seems as though Katherine Jackson could have been allegedly set up by someone who took her to Arizona.   The judge is to hear a proposal for guardianship, but after hearing all of the discussions, as though Katherine Jackson was an irresponsible guardian, it seems like this could have been a planned strategy, to make it look like she is no longer capable of raising Michael's kids.  Radar Online's Alexis Tereszscuk allegedly stated Katherine claimed she did not have a have phone and it was her responsibility, but we feel her phone could have been purposely taken away from her and she could have been allegedly drugged while speaking on the phone to her grandchildren to make it look like she was an irresponsible guardian, since it was insinuated she sounded drunk while speaking to her grandchildren on the phone.  It is a possibility someone planned this so they could get their hands on the money that was left to her and her grandchildren.

If this whole thing was a set up, we sure see some good actors and actresses, making it seems as though they did not know a thing about her missing.   Alexis Tereszscuk also allegedly stated that Michael Jackson's kids are thrilled T. J. is their guardian and will be moving in the house, we never heard the kids speak for themselves.   Let them say it and then, we will believe it.  

Now, Katherine Jackson must wait to see if the judge will grant her to be a co-guardian, which seems very unfair to us.

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Judge to Hear Proposal for Co-Guardianship of Jackson Children

A judge has suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship temporarily. 

  LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- The ongoing turmoil involving guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children heads to court in downtown Los Angeles on...Read full article, here.


Source: KTLA.com

Source: http://www.theinsider.com


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