Celebrity News: Joan Rivers Escorted From Costco After Protest

Joan Rivers was escorted from a Costco store in Burbank, after protesting about her book not being allowed to be sold there.  Onlookers allegedly told reporters she handcuffed herself to a shopping cart and began shouting and demanding that they sell her book.   The comedian says it is unfair for her book not to be sold there, just because of one word on the back that offends them.  She further stated this is America, a free country and everyone should have the right to express themselves as they wish.

Some may think she did it for a joke, but Joan Rivers says she is really upset they will not sell her book.   Since this a recession, we wonder if she needs the money.  As you know, many celebrities have been hit very hard too, so bad, many have lost their estates.  However, we wish her well and we will continue to pray that she changes that one word on the back of the book, so she will be able to get some sales.  

Furthermore, in this age when many corporations are opposing God's Word in support of gay marriage, it is very surprising they would ban Joan Rivers book for any reason.

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Joan Rivers Escorted From Costco After Protest

Comedienne was angry the wholesaler would not sell her new book.

BURBANK, Calif. (KTLA) -- Comedienne Joan Rivers had to be escorted from a Costco store in Burbank Tuesday after she appeared inside, loudly protesting the fact that her new book was not for sale there.

The 79-year-old acid-tongued celebrity erupted inside the store. Witnesses told KTLA that Rivers...
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