Celebrity News: Jessica Simpson’s Father, Former Pastor Joe Arrested for DUI

The father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's father, Joe Simpson was arrested for DUI.  Although, he spent the night in jail, he may not face charges, because it was his first offense.   If you recall, 54-year-old Joe Simpson is a former youth pastor of Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas, according to Breitbart.com.  Allegedly, he left the ministry to support his daughter's career as a pop star as her music manager.  God is never in agreement with any parent leaving ministry to help pursue their child's career in the secular world.   Therefore, this first offense is only the beginning of this family's troubles, if he does not yield and totally surrender to God's assignment for his life.

One thing is different between Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry, is simply that her parents never supported her stardom, allegedly.  However, we fully agree with the article written at Breitbart.com,  because they are telling the absolute truth about the history of preacher's kids in the church.   The same Devil that lured many PK within white churches also assigned a demonic force within the black church and these days you have a demon that is controlling many of them to reach stardom as hip hop gospel artists as though they are celebrities within the world.  There was a great rebellion back in the day and it was also among the youth whom were not children of ministers within the church.   Because Joe Simpson chose to drop his ministry to support his daughter to become a pop star, he will eventually have to give an account to God, because saving souls in the ministry is far more important than being among celebrities.

In the meantime, we will pray for Joe Simpson and his family.   We really hope he repents and returns to what God originally called him to do, because it is a dangerous thing to stop God's assignment for fame and fortune.

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Jessica Simpson’s Father Joe Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father Joe was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles on August 4, TMZ is reporting. Law enforcement officials have stated that the actresses and singers’ father and manager was arrested on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. LAPD police pulled Simpson over around...Read full article, here.

Written by: Karen Benardello


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