Bishop Eddie Long accuser Jamal Parris talks about new book “Signs of a Predator”

One of the accusers of Bishop Eddie Long, Jamal Parris who is now coming out with his new book, "Signs of a Predator", is opening up about his previous painful experience.   Parris' new book is about surviving, after being a victim of a predator.  Jamal Parris explains how predator created within our society.  

Jamal Parris makes it very clear, if the victim does not get over being sexually abused, they may become a predator themselves and so many times, this is why we see many predators getting caught these days.  He says in his own words, we become predators hurting possible future predators.  It's very deep, but Jamal Parris is being very truthful about it.

Jamal Parris, a future educator, is reaching out to helping the youth and speaking out about how he overcame as a victims.  He encourages the youth to speak out and the importance about their painful experiences.  

Jamal Parris admits why he pushed his family away when he was being allegedly abused by Bishop Eddie Long, because he just did not know how open up while feeling close to the person he once trusted like a father figure.  
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”Signs of a Predator”

Jamal Parris has a up and coming new book soon to  be release and according to Parris, Signs of a Predator, is not a tell all, it’s not a ticky tacky gossip spread. It is...Read full article, here. Source: The Old Black Church Source:


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