Bishop David and Bridget Montgomery Convicted on Tax Charges: When is the black church going to just return to saving souls without a mega ministry?

This husband and wife may look humbly saved and sanctified, but allegedly, they broke the law.  Bishop David and his wife, First Lady Bridgette Montgomery have been convicted on tax charges.  According to reports, they used the money from their construction company to transfer into the church and did not pay taxes.   What we do not comprehend is that the grand old Church of God in Christ used to be a religious organization that was afraid of doing anything that would bring shame to the body of Christ, but to keep up with the Joneses of mega ministries, they are doing some of everything these days and it is not just hip hop gospel.

The main thing God wants within any ministry is to save souls.  For any pastor and first lady to show they can keep up with power couples of mega ministries like Bishop T. D. and Serita Jakes, Bishop I. V. and Co-Pastor Bridgette Hilliard and Dr. Fred and Betty price should be the last thing on their minds.  What happened to those days when we would have tent revivals and prayer meetings in small storefront churches past midnight, at least 3 times a week?   What happened to shut in prayers or even noonday prayer through the week?   What happened to Sunday night services and even  evening services, at least two times a week?   It seems like we are witnessing evil not only with issues of rebellion with gay marriage and abortion, but also within the church there is a evil spirit and it is greed. God is saying what a minute, 'all you need to do and save souls, I never told you to break the law just to make sure you reach stardom within my Kingdom.'   He saying, 'while you are building these big church buildings, Satan has been getting many souls every second'.  We are living in an evil age where pastors and first ladies want to reach recognition of celebrities, but not go out and feed the homeless and hand out tracts to gang members, prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers.   They have ideas to build gigantic buildings and domes, but it is irrelevant to save sinners or even approach the president on issues like gay marriage that is effecting christian business owners and even preachers whom do not accept homosexuality within their ministries and continue to preach the entire Word of God.   

Saints of God, we have no time to be playing around with God's business, but we are to go out and save souls from eternal hell.   As ministers of the gospel, we are not to bring shame to the body of Christ by taking the easy way out.   Bishop David and Bridget Montgomery are no different than the Alabama pastor and his wife, Pastors James and Sylvia Hunter who were caught dealing drugs and selling guns out of their church, a year ago.  Now, if pastors and first ladies are going to start breaking the law, how will sinners even respect them as God's messengers?   The won't respect them neither will they even desire to give their souls to God, because they have seen a false representation in the pulpit.

When will the sanctified church return to complete God's work in the midst of wickedness on earth?  Again, there is no way the body of Christ will be able to defeat issues like gay marriage unless the pastors, ministers and their wives choose to be completely holy and righteous.  The (black) church is in trouble, not just going to jail, but also they are dropping dead in their pulpits just like Bishop Earthquake Kelley said they would do, according to what God told him when he went to heaven.  If you have not heard Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony, you make sure you go to our videos page and hear what he said about God being angry at ministers preaching for fame and fortune and because of it, he would take the breath of life from them and they would drop dead in their pulpits (stop at 40:46 on video).  Really, God is trying to give Bishop David and Bridget a chance to repent, there is a worst place than jail. 

In the meantime, we will be praying for Bishop David and First Lady Bridget Montgomery. 

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Religious power couple convicted on tax charges

By Isiah Carey, Reporter


Restoration Temple Church of God in Christ was well on its way to being one of those mega churches, a force to be reckoned with in north Houston.

That is until its founder, Bishop David A. Montgomery and the first lady of the church, Bridget Montgomery, were indicted on tax charges by the federal government.

The religious power couple was convicted Thursday.

Investigators say they...Read full article, here.




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