AT2W's Take on National Same Sex Kissing Day

AT2W's Take on National Same Sex Kissing Day 

Take a look at what our sister blog had to say about today's National Same Sex Kissing Day event:

AT2W's view: This immature act that some protestors will be participating in, is a form of bullying. The gay community despises those that bully people just because they are gay, yet they are doing exactly that to Chick-fil-A. Some LGBT members and followers are taking one person's opinion on gay marriage so far as to try and rule America and muzzle the mouths of free speech. 

By rallying at Chick-fil-A stores and kissing to retaliate simply because someone does not believe in what they do, is childish. We all learned in pre-school that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Why don't these protestors go back to basics and learn from pre-schoolers.

This is shameful, disrespectful, childish and a bullying tactic in order to MAKE people agree with marriage equality. We can't make people turn from their beliefs so protesting will not change their views. Get a life, live with it and live on.



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