Justin Lee Taiwan Sex Scandal With Leaked Full–Length Sex Tapes

This is the last video of the 21 video Justin Lee (李宗瑞) collection... But unfortunately the Justin Lee sex scandal have much more videos. And some high resolution photos too of some rather famous Taiwanese models and actresses. Damn, the weekend is over but it is also going to be a long week as well.

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Justin Lee Taiwan Sex Scandal With Leaked Full–Length Sex Tapes, Video 21 of 21

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Maggie Wu Leaked Nude Sex Photos With Justin Lee In The Taiwan Celebrity Sex Scandal

Wow, someone cannot claim to be an innocent victim unaware of her boyfriend's creepy sexual antics anymore. In these sordid leaked naked pics Taiwanese model turn actress Maggie Wu Ya Xin ( 吳亞馨) is seen engaging in several sexual private photoshoots with playboy Justin Lee formerly Li Zhong-Rui (李宗瑞) on many different occasions. The 28 year-old model even take a shower in front of the camera while her lover take pictures. Maggie Wu is seen topless and looking into the camera while posing with Justin Lee in several photographs and she is also seen with Justin's penis in her month while her eyes are closed.

She also seen lying on a bed naked with her legs spread wide open for the camera. While in other images Maggie and Justin are seen engaging in sexual intercourse. She seem to be sleeping in several of the photos but in others she is fully conscious and is seen willingly posing nude for Justin Lee. After seeing this pics there is no wonder as to why Maggie Wu canceled the press conference at the last minute last week. Anyway, remember to send pictures and/or videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored(at)yahoo.com ASAP. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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The Secret of Fire Tornado

Blazing ... fire tornado in Alice Springs, Australia. (Picture from: http://www.thesun.co.uk/)
Fire tornado as high as 30 meters that recorded a video camera Chris Tangey of Alice Springs Television on 16 September 2012 is a rare phenomenon. Incidentally, Tangey, which is conducting the survey location near Curtin Springs in Australia, saw a vortex of fire that rose high into the sky.
"Tornado sounded like a jet fighter aircraft that pass, but there's no wind around Us," said Tangey told the Northern Territory News.

The fire tower was dancing on the landscape for nearly 40 minutes. Tangey and his team from the TV station motionless witness the rare natural events. Although rare, a fire tornado also occurred in several other regions of the world, including in Aracatuba city, Brazil. Drought experienced during the three months the city created the perfect conditions for the fire tornado.

This rare event occurs when the fire stirred by a strong flow of dry air to form a vertical vortex. Tornadoes can form a vortex of hot air around or in the pillar of fire.

The phenomenon is often dubbed as the fire demon can be revoked as high as 15 feet up a tree root. Generally, tornado of flames reaching 30-50 meters tall with a diameter of several meters and lasted a few minutes. But the huge fire tornado can reach hundreds of meters with winds of 160 kilometers per hour. Tornadoes of this magnitude can take more than 20 minutes.

Most tornadoes form when the fire fire fire met with warm air moves upward. Large fires can create a vortex of fire the size, intensity, and duration were varied.

In 1923, the Great Kanto earthquake in Japan triggered a storm of fire and a city-wide fire vortex generating enormous. Within 15 minutes the giant fire tornado that killed 38 thousand people. *** [REUTERS | LIVESCIENCE | KORAN TEMPO 4005]
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Dashing and Handsome Classic Bike

Completing lineup its models (such as the Victory Judge, High-Ball, Jackpot, Vegas 8-Ball, Hammer 8-Ball and Kingpin) that had spread all over the world, Victory Motorcycles relatively new motorcycles manufacturers from Iowa (that was founded in 1997), launched its newest product 2013 Victory Boardwalk.

2013 Boardwalk bit like its predecessor, the High-Ball, but also similar glimpse Victory 8-Ball. This bike apparently directed to replace the Kingpin to be halted production.

This 2013 Boardwalk looks more manly than the previous series. Classic impression will be retained through the use of side-wall tires and white rims 16-inch chrome spokes motif.

A significant change is in the rear mudguard (anti splashing-water on the back.) Figure cruiser design in collaboration with Harley-Davidson uses the engine capacity of 1,740 cc V-Twin could reach a maximum torque of 110 lb-ft (149 Nm).

Plus with 6-speed gearbox that drives the rear wheels through a carbon belt, 2013 Victory Boardwalk becoming more macho.

Dual exhaust on 2013 Victory Boardwalk looks seen on the right. While the wheels a little different with the white on the right and left. This slightly tinny exhaust note emanates from the chromed slash-cut pipes. Another Chrome elements of the Victory Boardwalk include the headlight, gauge housing, handlebars, exhaust, belt guard, engine and ignition covers, turn signal housings, and fender struts. A powerful, durable LED lighting in the brake lamp and turn signals provides excellent visibility.

Low, comfortable, versatile along with an impressive collection of accessories that make it a comfortable 2-up cruiser for quick get-aways across town or down the open road.
2013 Victory Boardwalk. (Picture from: http://www.ridermagazine.com/)
A bike for unstressed cruising, with a new two-piece seat, a low seat height, large unencumbered floorboards and the widest handlebars of any Victory model. Want to extend your trip, ride 2-up and carry some extra gear? Easy. It takes just minutes to add several new Lock&Ride accessories to customize your Victory Boardwalk and turn it in a light Bagger.

This latest generation of Victory big motors is sold at a price of 15,499 U.S. dollars for the U.S. market. Although prices in the European market has not been announced officially. There are two options available on white and black, such as Pearl White, Gloss Black, Solid Black and Solid Pearl White.
Long on style and long between the axles, the Boardwalk provides a relaxed ride. (Picture from: http://www.ridermagazine.com/)
Work result of Victory Motorcycles at this time was excellent. U.S. media review said, Victory is one serious challenger of Harley-Davidson in the coming decades. *** [DIH | MOTORCYCLE-USA | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 31082012]
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