Have some followers of the black church been bewitched by false prophets?

Note: Please acknowledge, the following video does not belong to us, but it is the production by The Remnant, a site that exposes alleged false prophets.   

Saints of God, when we talk about the black church, we are speaking of the black race who acknowledges their ancestors were the only race enslaved in America, but are willing to be allegedly enslaved by false prophets today whom are feeding them the false gospel, which will eventually lead them into hell.   These are thousands of people whom follow some well known high profile names on this following video.   We want you to know, hell is a real place and if many of these souls continue to be misled they will eventually open up their eyes in hell, for God told us to follow His Word and in His Word, He told us false prophets would be in the pulpit and in Ezekiel 3, it told us not to follow them.   

This is very serious saints of God, if you have not visited our videos page, please go there and watch Mary K. Baxter, she is a woman of God who visited hell for 30 nights.  Some of the souls she saw forever burning were actual ministers whom once were on earth preaching God's Word, but denying scriptures to their followers.   We cannot understand why some people do not realize there are some witches behind the pulpit who may seem to be honest preachers, but the truth is, if they dress like harlots they retain the demonic spirit of a Jezebel and many lost souls are willing to go to church and be under the leadership of this type of woman.   If a preacher is allowing the night club atmosphere in the church she or he is of the Devil.   Why is it so many black people and others of any race are spiritually blind today and do not realize they maybe eternally lost, if they do not stop supporting these alleged witches behind the pulpit?  We come to tell you, although many African Americans have been freed from slavery, many of them are yet in spiritual bondage under Satan's authority today, because of the deceiving false prophets they willingly choose to follow.

African Americans, if some of you have been following a preacher who opposes biblical restrictions, it is a form of witchcraft and you need to turn around before you open your eyes up in hell.   The Holy Bible is full of restrictions and we need to go back to being humble, the way our fore-parents were after they were freed from slavery.   You are in a spiritual form of slavery, if you refuse to cease a ministry that opposes biblical scriptures for restrictions.   If there are no restrictions in the body of Christ, then Satan has control over your soul.   When God saves you from being a prostitute, you do not remain looking pr acting like one.   When God saves you from being a pimp, a thug or a madam, you do not remain looking and acting like like one.   When God saves you from being a drug dealer, you do not remain looking or acting like one, but this sinful world need to see the change of sanctification by Jesus Christ abiding in you.  Whether you are a preacher, a gospel artist or just a pew member, you need to believe in biblical restrictions, because if not, it is a form of witchcraft thus saith the Lord.    All of you people of all races whom are holy, it is time to separate from these gullible followers of these churches whom are allegedly under the authority of a Satanic force (witchcraft).  True children of God do not fellowship with lost sheep in the church on their way to hell, instead they are focused on humbly following God's complete Word and do not mind restrictions.  If a preacher has power over your mind to oppose regulations in God's Word, they  have allegedly bewitched you and this reveals many black people and other races are yet in slavery, right in the church.

After you listen to this following clip, which can be found at this following clip, then Mary K. Baxter's testimony found on our videos page, ask yourselves this question, 'isn't is scary to realize there is an actual burning hell filled with millions or billions of souls who did not obey God?'

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