Sinus Inflammation Patients Need Good Bacteria

Not all bacteria cause health problems. Patients with sinus inflammation, for example, it desperately needs bacterial to relieve illness.

The role of bacteria is revealed in a new study. Scientists suspect a chronic sinus problem is most likely caused by a decrease in "good" bacteria and the emergence of "evil" bacteria in the sinuses (cavities between the nose and the eyes.)

They suggested that "good" bacteria re-added to treat the sinus disease. The method of treatment is similar to the addition of probiotics to restore the balance of intestinal tract bacteria.

In a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine issue of 12 September 2012, researchers analyzed the bacteria in the sinus cavity pqpulasi of 10 patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, and compare them with 10 healthy people. Researchers identify bacterial species by examining genes.

People with chronic sinus disease have fewer types of bacteria in the sinus than healthy people. The number of lactic acid producing bacteria also decreased significantly. Instead, they found an increase in sinus C. tuberculostearicum bacterial species.
"Good" bacteria in the nose may help fight sinus problems in a similar way to how probiotics may treat certain intestinal problems. (Picture from:
To test these findings, the researchers gave the mice antibiotics. "Good" bacteria in the sinus immediately die. Researchers injected C. tuberculostearicum bacteria. Rats were initially healthy suddenly showed symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis.

As mice were given lactic acid bacteria (L. sakei) along with the provision of C. tuberculostearicum bacteria, symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis not appear.

These findings also suggest that probiotic bacteria (L. sakei) can be used as a drug and prevent chronic sinus disorders. "This may be the reason why there are patients who never recovered," said Susan Lynch, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco who involved in the study. *** [LIVESCIENCE | KORAN TEMPO 3995]
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