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Who knows if you are full of talent human being, whether it's singing talent, sharp wit, insight or commentary on current events. However, no one outside of your house are aware of this, and the rest of the world is missing out. There must be a way to convey your greatness to others, and you suspect that somehow the Internet should be part of the solution. Suddenly it hits you! Your webcam! You can broadcast yourself across the world wide web! So it's the idea of ​​writing on a napkin, now how do you pull it off?

PCWinSoft is a reputable software publishing company from Brazil has launched one of their leading products, namely 1AVStreamer. With 1AVStreamer the perceived obstacles to show your talent can overcome. Now the whole world can know and enjoy the talent that you have. Absolutely superb..!

Of course by using 1AVStreamer was very helpful! 1AVStreamer lets you broadcast yourself on the internet in one click, appeared in high-resolution video and excellent audio quality via a special web pages that are part of your own website. You can choose to stream your webcam, your desktop computer, even a DV camcorder connected to your system. 1AVStreamer even lets you save a copy of your broadcast recording for later playback and review!

1AVStreamer comes with other important features like the capability to totally hide itself even from Windows task manager so that even advanced users will not be able to know the software is running. This important feature will allow you to spy on your room, office, or on your desktop, over the web and without ever being noticed. How great is that?
Screenshots of 1AVStreamer. (PIcture from: http://www.pc-windows-software.com/)
People can access the video/audio streaming using the internet browser without the need to install any special software. You can save your stream as open as you want, or locking it with a password to restrict access. Plus, with 1AVStreamer, you will always have a log of all network connections and requests in real-time! As an administrator, you will have total control over the maximum number of connections, the quality of transmission, even broadcast schedule!
Screenshots of 1AVStreamer. (PIcture from: http://www.pc-windows-software.com/)
1AVStreamer is also perfect for trainning sessions and seminars because the content can be broadcasted to all PCs in the room and at the same time recorded for posterior web publishing. The software is also fit for your home entertainment system because you can broadcast video from one point to the entire house. 1AVStreamer is also perfect If you what you need is to publish live video from your stablishment directly to your website.

The minimum requirements to run 1AVStreamer software:
  • 1.3GHz processor.
  • 120MB HD.
  • 256MB RAM.
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
  • 800x600 of screen resolution.
When it comes to streaming video right from your PC over the Internet reliably and in high resolution, 1AVStreamer is definitely the product you are looking for. Grab your free copy of 1AVStreamer by clicking this giveaway page:
Do not waste any more time and get your copy of 1AVStreamer right now with only U.S. $59.99. *** [ALESSANDRO FERRI | PCWINSOFT]
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