Celebrity Preachers, Bishop Jakes, Osteen, Long and White, Enough Entertainment, Allow Carl Knighton to talk about his visit to hell

We want to tell you about this man of God, Carl Knighton who previously overdosed on drugs.   We know God must be sick and tired of these celebrity preachers allegedly preaching about success and prosperity most of the time and less about sin.   Therefore, we are on an assignment for the Lord Jesus Christ to share Carl Knighton's story with you.   If these celebrity preachers don't start preaching more about sin and what happens if you should die in your sin, they will have to stand before God and give an account. 

So often, we hear these celebrity preachers complain about the traditional church, but they fail to admit that what they call tradition is being holy and holiness is a lifestyle, it is not being old-fashion. In God's eyes, making a distinction in your walk with Him is being holy and there is no other way, expect His way.  You are strictly following God's Word and abiding by each and every commandment, that's holiness.   Now, we are living in that day when the Bible talked about false prophets who would deceive people. We are living in a very evil age when many of these false prophets are allegedly preaching for fame and fortune and fail to reveal the truth about hell and why millions of souls go there.   Therefore, we think it is irrelevant for these celebrity preachers to teach any longer about wealth as though they are giving seminars, instead of preaching against sin like they should do as an authentic man or woman of God in a sanctified church.   Allegedly, we have not seen or heard celebrity preachers such as Bishop T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, The Whites, Creflo and Taffi Dollar, Joyce Meyer and many others making alter calls, preaching against sin, not just homosexuality and gay marriage, we are speaking of all types of sin. 

Saints of God, faithful readers of SCR, this man, Carl Knighton says he heard and saw souls screaming being tossed into hell and even drew a picture to describe what he saw.   It is time to for this age of the church to drop the prosperity gospel and talk about the importance of letting go of sin before it is everlasting to late.   As you heard in our last article, Minister Mary K. Baxter allegedly saw ministers whom once preached the gospel here on earth, burning in hell.  Why?   Because they fail to preach the entire Word of God.   This is why we are informing celebrity preachers to no longer allow entertainment in the House of God, disallow any similar music out in the world and and to revert their sanctuaries back to holiness.   Furthermore, stop identifying holiness with being traditional, because according to Minister Fernandez's testimony on our videos page, Jesus Christ told her, He wants us to return to the old way of praise and worship.  Therefore, take heed, thus saith the Lord. 

Now, brothers and sisters in Christ, pay attention to Carl Knighton's testimony and recognize this is one of several stories we have shared with you of people whom have died and been to either heaven, hell or both places. 

Watch, Man Went To Hell After He Overdosed On Drugs!


Source, Photo and Video: CBN.com/http://youtu.be/pO9odHbt5tk


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