Should the black church teach ettiquite manners, no sagging pants in the 21st century? SCR Response to Derrick Boazman

We listened to the Derrick Boazman's radio show today and agree it is wrong to racially profile anyone, which is allegedly what is going on with the Atlantic station, in Atlanta.  Our response to Mr. Boazman is this, when the subject came up about sagging pants, he made a good point allegedly referring to the church having the lack of standards as far as some of their youth to dressing similar to those in the streets and even some woman who improperly dress.  Therefore, we deeply feel it is time for the black church to be held responsible to teach etiquette to black people. 

Allegedly, we heard Derrick Boazman say, 'many white kids are sagging their pants too.'   It does not matter who does it, it is wrong.   It is time for the African American community to realize we cannot do whatever whites do, because we must hold ourselves up to a higher standard, because we were the only race enslaved in America.   Spiritually, God expects us to lead the way to moral conduct, in anything we do, but of course, we you must be completely saved to comprehend out viewpoint.  

It is time for the black church accept responsibility for what they have allowed among their church followers, which is wrong in the eyes of God.  They are possibly silent about the issue, simply because they want to continue receiving thousands of dollars in tithes in offerings in their sanctuaries, each and every Sunday.   You see, in order to make mega money, they have learned the ropes keeping silent in order to keep their mega ministries.  The fact is, yes racial profiling has not changed, but it will most definitely help to teach the youth and even older people how to appropriately dress, in and out of the House of God.   Specifically, church people  would be more of an example to people out in the world, if they would be different, according to God's Word.  I Peter 1:16 says, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'  So you do you think God agrees with unholy dressing?'   Absolutely not, God does not want sagging pants within the body of Christ neither does he want too much cleavage and flesh showing from a woman's body, in or out of the House of God.  You must be holy, inside and out.  The reason why we feel the black church should be held accountable for not having a standard way of dressing, many black churches have allowed the hip hop movement in gospel music and their men of various ages are allowed to sag their pants just like many women and young girls have been allowed to show too much cleavage and wear short skirts and dresses.  Therefore, it is time for the black church to acknowledge the problem and change it.  

Over 20 years ago, when the black church lost a higher standard for dress code, is when they merged into diverse ministries.  Many of them whom are mega ministries allegedly desired to be like white churches whom allowed christian rock music in their sanctuaries and their youth also, lost their dress code of appearing holy.   This has been a big issue and the reason why the average black church can no longer witness to sinners, in most cases.   If the average person is being harassed for what they wear, possibly God is allowing it, because that's not what He wants, especially when it comes to the church.  

Now, Derrick Boazman interviewed a father whom allegedly claimed his son was asked to take off a T-shirt that says, 'D..., I'm good,' to be honest, it is wrong to wear any type of apparel using profanity.   The argument is, if he was white, he would not have been ask to take the shirt off, which is true, but again, the black race is supposed to be held to a higher standard.   If he was wearing just a regular shirt and jeans, then it would have been a case of racial profiling.  Obviously unsaved African Americans are not going to listen to this type of instruction, this is why the black church should be the place where dress code is practiced and preached, simply because they are representing the Kingdom of God.   

Hip-hop gospel artists could be one of the main reasons why many black youth will not pull their pants up and stop showing to much flesh, but they have been allowed to perform wearing loose type of clothing without any preacher giving them instruction of etiquette fashion. How can they change their ways, when they see their elders doing the same things they do or even wearing the same clothes they wear, even in the church?  Much of the black community still attends church, so when some African Americans whom wear unfit attire feel as though they are picked on because of their race, it is unfair to say so until they will agree to mutually learn how to appropriately dress.

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