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Harley-Davidson (HD) is rolling out its 2013 model lineup. It includes Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob restyled model.

Dyna Street Bob 2013 gets a new twist that makes it more stylish appearance. Bobber (motorcycle's designation) has new face look, more beautiful.
2013 Harley-Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob. (Picture from:
There are no changes to the design, the model still selected classic tall handlebars with chrome models with round headlights. New style of alteration seen in the rear fenders are formulated neater. Juxtaposed with a round filter cover models to reinforce the aura of a classic two-tone color.
2013 Harley-Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob. (Picture from:
Besides the battery cover is made simpler to make it look more elegant. Place the license plate to the side and not on the back like a big bike. Handlegrip got an extra special rubber that serves to reduce the vibrations that make better driving comfort.
2013 Harley-Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob. (Picture from:
With Twin Cam 96 V-Twin engine, Dyna Street Bob 2013 is also part of the H-D1 program. Where consumers can choose a new style to design it on the web, and booked directly into the factory Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, USA. HD has prepared 2,000 combinations on their website.
2013 Harley-Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob. (Picture from:
"As part of the restyle, new touch to the rear fender, air filter cover to the battery. There are also H-D1 program that allows owners to buy Bob Street with different style as you wish, "said Tony Pink, Harley-Davidson Styling Manager. *** [DIH | TOTAL MOTORCYCLE | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 14092013]
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