Celebrity Preachers, Bishop Jakes, Osteen, Long and White, Enough Entertainment, Allow Randy Hicks to talk about his visit to hell

Celebrity preachers or any other minister of any Pentecostal church, here is another testimony of a man named Randy Hicks who went to hell.  It's about time today's average (black) church return to deliverance ministry and no longer allow entertainment in God's House.   For we have too much entertainment and lack of seriousness, regarding God's business.  Too many people are now allegedly claiming to going to hell, in this case of Randy Hicks, he met face to face with Satan.

This man of God, Randy Hicks was so dead, hospital workers pulled the sheet over him.   He was gone until his soul cried for the Lord, Jesus Christ to help him.   Many of you skeptics in and out of the pulpit usually make the assumption that people like Hicks were on drugs and that is why they see demons, but this man was dead, including others whom died and came back to tell about it.

Now, God is just about tired of all of these mega ministries and even smaller churches having all of this worldly type of entertainment in His sanctuary, which is blocking the focus away from His people being holy.  He wants each and every preacher to preach against sin.  It is time out for so much focus being on these famous celebrity preachers and there needs to be more focus for men and women like Randy Hicks to enter the church at this hour to talk about being in hell.  God wants today's church to be focused on saving souls from hell and getting them delivered and set free from sin, because as you can see many people are admitting how Jesus Christ showed them hell, lately. 

We have got too many popular preachers of today turning their heads away from sanctification and holding sophisticated services in God's House like they are holding a motivational seminar, but it is time out for it, for Jesus wants His children and their church leaders to take heed to His voice.   Too many celebrity preachers and pastors are making mockery of having old fashioned Pentecostal services, but they fail to realize there is no trend in the Kingdom of God.   God is looking for these celebrity preachers and those trying to be like them to take heed and recognize there is a burning hell and if they fail to invite or even allow chosen men like Randy Hicks to tell their testimony in front of their congregations they will have to give an account and stand before God.   They will have to answer for making mockery of the true saints of God who desire for the House of the Lord to be sanctified without hip-hop or rock being blended into praise and worship services.   It's time to recognize God's commandment for us to be holy, live and act holy as it says in I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be you holy; for I am holy.'  So why not preach it?  It is impossible to get souls delivered from sin in an environment that is similar to satanic influences.  God wants more preachers to preach holiness or hell. Time is running out and God is taking record of all these false prophets whom are ignoring His expectancy to make their ministries into deliverance ministries, instead of houses of entertainment to rake in millions of dollars.   If you recall on our videos page, Bishop Earthquake Kelley said God is angry at some at today's preachers who preach His Word for fame and fortune.  Bishop Kelley said God told Him they would fall dead in their pulpits, which we have actually heard in the news.   Therefore, it is time for them to turn around,  before it is everlasting too late and one way they can start anew is to allow men and women of God like Randy Hicks to tell their testimonies before their congregations.

Randy Hicks saw Satan

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