Celebrity News: Atlanta police cleared white officers of profiling Tyler Perry

Just like in many other racial profiling cases, white officers who were allegedly accused by Tyler Perry have been cleared by Atlanta police.   At least, they know Perry had enough courage for the matter to be confronted, although they let him go during the traffic stop.   However, we are very disappointed it took the Trayvon Martin case for Tyler Perry to publicly come out with his claim, not unless we missed it.   We want you to know every sort of evil we may face in this nation is spiritual and racial discrimination is one sort of demon that will not cease, not unless the entire race of African Americans repent, including celebrities.

Although, celebrity Tyler Perry claims to be a born again Christian, many times the reflection of unsaved African Americans brings on more trouble for even those like Perry whom are serving God.   Because African Americans were the only race enslaved in America, God is looking for them to lead a crusade for righteousness across the nation.   Therefore, it is a perfect time for Tyler Perry to also publicly denounce gay marriage, now that many other celebrities affirm it.   In our opinion, since he claims to be a child of God, it is time for him to speak out against what is wrong in this country, because just like his fans were attentive when he admitted he was racially profiled by white police officers in Atlanta, then they will take heed to this controversial situation the true body of Christ is facing, regarding gay marriage.  You see, now is the time for African Americans to wake up and realize we will have no authority against racism, until the entire race yields to Jesus Christ and this includes celebrities.   God needs to know how much Tyler Perry loves Him and would like very much for him to publicly announce his stance on gay marriage, including homosexuality.  In Luke 9:26, God's Word told us, 'For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels.'

Children of the most high God, we may enjoy many black celebrities like Tyler Perry and admire them for surviving homelessness, but we must admit God's commandments mean more to us than their rise to stardom.   It would be so interesting to hear Tyler Perry be bold and publicly denounce sin for Jesus Christ just like he boldly admitted he endured racial profiling.  
Now, was it unfair for the white officers to be cleared?   Of course it was very unfair, but the fact remains there needs to be more celebrities whom claim they are born again Christians to publicly admit they are holy and they do not agree with sin.  All African Americans will continue to complain about racism until they fully say yes to God and boldly confess there is no other way, unless it is His way before this nation of America. 

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Atlanta police clear white officers of profiling in Tyler Perry case

By the CNN Wire Staff
 (CNN) -- Two white Atlanta police officers who pulled over and questioned entertainment mogul Tyler Perry have been exonerated of racial profiling by an internal investigation, according to documents released Tuesday. 
Just after noon on February 24, Perry left his studio in southwest Atlanta alone in a white Porsche Panamera. As the actor and director later explained in a lengthy Facebook post, Perry made an illegal left turn to make sure he wasn't being...Read full article, here.  
Source and Photo: CNN.com Photo: HLN 


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