Celebrity Hollywood News: Did Oprah Talk about Jesus Christ during Usher and his mother's Interview?

This SCR's review of Oprah's interview with Usher, including his mother, Jonetta Patton.  Do you recall Oprah Winfrey allegedly admitting she is a born again Christian while facing a huge crowd in New York on a previous show (see AT2W)?   She also allegedly claimed she could show them how to become a Christian.   During the entire interview with Usher and then when his mother came on the set, we did not hear anything about God nor His Son Jesus Christ.  Because there was a divorce, then a death, then a custody battle between Usher and His wife, we should have heard Oprah ask Usher if he knew Jesus Christ, including his mother, Jonetta.

You may ask why is this important on an interview?  Because when one claims to be a born again Christian on national television, they should ask each and every soul if they have a relationship with God, every chance they get.   On the following interview, you will hear Oprah discuss Usher's marriage and what happened between he and Tameka. We heard the question to Usher, 'did people forewarn you to get married?'   Really Oprah, 'was that an important question to ask, after Tameka grieved for Kyle, then had to face this man in court, two weeks later?' He made the decision to marry Tameka, because he was a grown man and knew what he was getting into and let's face the truth here, Tameka should not have been allegedly made out to be the evil person and Usher the good one.  It seems like there is an prejudice against Tameka, in general, simply because she is older than Usher, but Oprah knows good and well, if it were the other way around, she would have had all type of support, older men and younger women have an easier way to go than a woman whom is older than a man and that is not fair.   Toward the end, Jonetta comes on the set and gets congratulated for allegedly throwing away her marriage for Usher, but we heard nothing about God.   Usher's mother also admitted how happy she was that her son won the custody battle, but we did not hear Oprah ask her nor Usher how God feels about the decision of Tameka not having primary custody, after losing Kyle.   Any person who has God in their lives would at least say they are sorry for the death of their former daughter in-law's son, which was Usher's stepson, but we heard nothing.   Therefore, Usher and Jonetta needed to either accept Jesus Christ or at least, admit if their soul belongs to God or the Devil.   Whose side are you on, after you have danced before millions of people for so many years?   Whose side are you on after you face the mother of your children in court, just two weeks after the death of her son?   

Okay, we understand that some people just do not go to weddings or funerals, if they do not feel comfortable.   However, shouldn't there be any love of Christ coming from Usher's mother, since she is a woman who knows how it feels when the man in your life walks off and leaves you?  Even worse, in Tameka's case Usher just doesn't leave her or admit to several affairs, he gets primary custody of their two sons, after she loses one in a jet skiing accident. Regardless of Tameka being 10 years younger than Usher, He admitted he loved her and she was the woman he at one time chose to be with.  There should have been some sort of consideration for Tameka as the mother of Usher's children, especially after losing her son.   Therefore, if Oprah really is close to God as she allegedly claimed to be, according to AT2W, shouldn't she had sensed this mother and son duo needed to know how to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior , if they have not accepted or ever lived for Him?   

Regardless if you are a talk show host, Hollywood celebrity actress or any other sort of social elite, if you admit to being a born again Christian, you should offer Jesus Christ to every soul, every chance you get.  Furthermore, you should not grin in the faces of two people whom allegedly seem comfortable with going on with life and enjoying most of the time with Tameka Foster's children, after she lost her son, Kyle Glover.  It is just not right neither fair.  Tameka is very valuable in the eyes of God and He does not uplift Usher over her, just because he is this big time celebrity.   God would never congratulate Usher and forget about the pain of this woman who bore those two sons for him.  

Although, Oprah asked fair questions in regard for Tameka as a mother, we did not hear enough support for her on the set coming for Usher or His mother and both of them needed to know Jesus Christ would never go on with life as though Usher is a winner and Tameka is a loser. Oprah smiled too much with this parent and son duo as thought they both were champions, regardless of Tameka technically losing 3 sons.  God loves Tameka just like He loves Jonetta Patton's son and the alleged arrogance on the set coming from his mother was just sickening.  Usher may have his mother financially set for life, but does he or his mother have Jesus Christ?  Because what good is it to show off on national television, after winning the custody battle and then eventually lose your soul?  As is says in Mark 8:36 and Matthew 16:26, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own life?'

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