Video: Funeral for Rev. Moon attracted thousands of mourners in Korea

Yesterday, Rev. Sun Myung Moon was laid to rest.   Rev. Moon was noon for giving multiple wedding at once where some couple met for the first time.  He was the founder of the Washington Times and a very successful entrepreneur of a few lucrative manufacturing companies.  Thousands of mourners paid their respects in honor of a man who lived a full life.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon was known as a national evangelist, but also was very recognized among various U. S. political leaders.   According to, he supported various Republican politicians, which included President Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

However, Rev. Moon's teachings previously caused controversy, claiming that Jesus was not God.   According to, he also claimed to declared himself the messiah and says he'd spoken to the spirits of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, both of whom he said found strength in his teachings and mended their ways.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon died at 92 years old from complications of pneumonia.

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Funeral for Rev. Sun Myung Moon draws thousands in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the controversial founder and "messiah" of the Unification Church, was laid to rest Saturday in an elaborate ceremony attended by tens of thousands.
The 92-year-old religious icon, who claimed that Jesus Christ had asked him to finish his work on earth, died on September 3 after pneumonia...Read full article, here.

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