Synthetic Protein Can Help Fight Flu

Researchers at San Diego State University found a way to help the immune system cope with flu disorder before it becomes severe virus and make people sick.
A new study found a synthetic protein may help fight the flu before it starts. (Picture from:
The report is published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, July 6, 2012 last. According to the researchers, a synthetic protein, EP67 is able to activate the immune system in two hours.

Joy Phillips, a researcher who became head of the authors in this study explains, EP67 protein has been used as a reference for the flu vaccine. However, based on studies they do, see the potential to develop EP67 to work independently.

"EP67 working instead to kill the virus, but the function of the immune system itself. Study we showed that by 'introducing' EP67 into the body 24 hours from the time of exposure to the flu virus causes the immune system to react quickly.

"As a result, the body returns to normal," Phillips said as quoted by Science Daily, she adds flu virus is a virus that is not detected until a few days until the body has been exposed to the symptoms. Therefore, it is very EP67 potential as a therapy when a person exposed to the flu virus that can not be avoided, but to try to prevent the disease weakens the body.

Although the present study was focused on the flu, according to Phillips again EP67 also likely to be a therapeutic treatment for various respiratory infections and other infectious diseases. This study also has implications for the veterinary world, cause EP67 is a protein that is active in a number of animals including birds. *** [SEPTI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13092012]
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