7 Biggest Vehicle

Of course some kind of this vehicle that is rarely seen in everyday life. Since the vehicle is a great tangible machines and is designed and manufactured for a variety of mega-projects in remote locations and easily and efficiently realized.

Some of the vehicles or the largest machine ever built in the world, mostly used for digging or for mining purposes.

Here are five vehicles were involved:

1. Liebherr Hydraulic Shovel
One of the largest hidraulic excavator in the world. Liebherr Hydraulic Shovel-giant produced in complex the Liebherr Group, the German manufacturing company and one of the largest in the world for a similar type. This tool is used for heavy work in the mines open. It has a weight of 656 tons.
Liebherr Hydraulic Shovel. (Picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/)
With a Cummins diesel engine C 180 E, 16 cylinder 50.3 liter capacity and is able to produce power at 3,000 hp at 1,800 rpm engine speed, while the power to dig the soil is 1,500 kN. Fuel tank capacity is 13,000 liters while the hydraulic tank capacity is 4600 liters. The maximum hydraulic pressure is 350 bar. Volume up to 36 m3 bucket, or the equivalent of 60 tonnes of payload at all.

2. Caterpillar 797F
Caterpillar 797F trucks with the highest charge. This big truck look like a home, made by Caterpillar factory from the United States. Load capacity of the truck is one of the highest and largest in the world. This model was introduced in 2008 and entered full production in 2009.
Caterpillar 797F. (Picture from: http://millers-supplies.co.uk/)
The latest variant is much bigger and stronger than previous models Caterpillar 797F series and has a capacity of 400 tons carrying capacity, while the previous series, 797B of 380 tons.

3. Komatsu D575A Superdozer
The largest bulldozer ever built at this time. Komatsu D575A Superbuldozer made by Komatsu bulldozer Japan Ltd is currently the largest ever made. Used in coal mining strip mining ribbon in North America.
Komatsu D575A. (Picture from: http://komatsu.mobileteka.org/)
Bulldozer has a height 4.88 meters long and 11.72 m and a bulldozer making the largest and strongest in the world.

4. Mobile Launcher Platform
Each MLP weighs 8,230,000 pounds (3,730,000 kg) unloaded and roughly 11,000,000 pounds (5,000,000 kg) with an unfueled Shuttle aboard, measures 160 feet (49 m) by 135 feet (41 m), and is 25 feet (7.6 m) high. It was carried by a crawler-transporter, which measures 131 feet (40 m) by 114 feet (35 m), and is 20 feet (6.1 m) high. Each crawler weighs about 6,000,000 pounds (3,000,000 kg) unloaded, has a maximum speed of about 1 mile (1.6 km) per hour loaded, and has a leveling system designed to keep the launch vehicle vertical while negotiating the 5 percent grade leading to the top of the launch pad. Two 2,750-horsepower (2,050 kW) diesel engines power each crawler.
Mobile Launcher Platform. (Picture from: http://galaxywire.net/)
Originally designated the "Mobile Launcher", the MLP was designed as part of NASA's strategy for vertical assembly and transport of space vehicles. Vertical assembly allows the preparation of the spacecraft in a ready-for-launch position, and avoids the additional step of lifting or craning a horizontally-assembled vehicle onto the launchpad (as the engineers of the Soviet space program chose to do).

The Mobile Launcher Platform was set atop six legs inside the massive Vehicle Assembly building. The Solid Rocket Boosters were mounted on top of the MLP. The External Tank was then lowered between the two boosters and attached to them. After that, the orbiter was lowered into position and attached to the External Tank. The Crawler-Transporter then carried the combined platform and vehicle to the launch site, and deposited them there together. Once the launch was completed, the crawler-transporter retrieved the empty MLP from the pad to be readied for its next use.

5. Volvo NH15 BP Tanker 
One of the longest truck in the world. Volvo NH15 BP Tanker Road Train is a trucking concept used in remote areas of Argentina, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Canada to move large loads efficiently.

In Australia this vehicle is often called road trains, while in the United States and Canada are often called "triples", "turnpike double" or "rocky mountain doubles".
Volvo NH15 BP Tanker. (Picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/)
Manufactured by the company Volvo in 1998. Manufactured by the company Volvo in 1998.

6. Terex 33-19 Titan
One of the largest truckload and largest ever made. Terex 33-19 Titan is one of the largest truckload operating until 1998. When fully loaded truck can reach speeds of 29.8 mph. Designed and built by Terex Division of General Motors in 1973.
Terex 33-19 Titan. (Picture from: http://www.carfunblog.com/)
After 13 years of operation Terex Titan is now stored and displayed in Sparwood British Columbia Canada.

7. Marion 6360 "Captain"
Largest land vehicle ever made. With a total weight of 28 million pounds, the captain is the excavator with the greatest power in the world. This giant machine built by marion power shovel in 1965. capacity of the bucket (bucket) to lift or carry materials weighing 300 tons.
Marion 6360 "Captain". (Picture from: http://classicconstructionmodels.blogspot.com/)
"Captain" is one of the two largest land vehicles ever built, and after a long operation finally retired in 1992. *** [DIH | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 21092012 | FROM VARIOUS SOURCE]
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