Dangerous Loopholes of Samsung Galaxy

A dangerous bug was found in the Samsung Galaxy line of mobile phones. Cracks can deleted all data on the phone with just one click.

Cracks were discovered by researchers from the Technical University Berlin, Ravi Borgaonkar. He showed the results of his research at an Internet security conference in Argentina.
Ravi Borgaonkar demonstrating Galaxy handset flaws. (Picture from: http://betabeat.com/)
Borgaonkar explained that the TouchWiz interface used on the Samsung Galaxy variant has holes that can be exploited by hackers HTML code.
Samsung Galaxy Android. (Picture from: http://hujan-info.blogspot.com/)
The way it works is very simple. Hackers only need to insert the HTML code into a web page, and while Samsung Galaxy users accessing the site, as it is also a code for the full wipe or reset is active.

When examined the code does contain a code to reset the Samsung Galaxy, and the hackers simply enter the code in a web page to activate the code reset automatically.
Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S. (Picture from: http://www.engadget.com/)
As quoted from Slashgear, Wednesday (09/23/2012), the code can erase all data on the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace. However, when the authors tried, the code can also be used on the Galaxy S III.

Mr. Borgaonkar, who reportedly wondered aloud what Samsung’s engineers were smoking when they created the vulnerable system, demonstrates how it works in the video below.
Viewers may need headphones to hear Mr. Borgaonkar clearly, but the shocked audience reaction at 2:10, when he uses a link from a tweet to demonstrate how quickly a malicious web page can reset the phone, is unmistakable.

Well, for those users who are curious about the Galaxy series, do not try typing that shortcut. Because it will reset your phone without any confirmation (option 'yes' or 'no') before! Beware...!!!! *** [SLASHGEAR | BETABEAT | DIGITAL SPY]
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