Celebrity News: Singer Sheryl Crow Says Cell Phone Caused Her Brain Tumor

Celebrity singer, Sheryl Crow was just on the Katie Couric's talk show discussing her brain tumor, she allegedly claims her prior usage of cell phone could have caused it. It has been said that older phones could cause more radiation in the brain, which is not good, if this is true.  If this is true, just think about all of the people who used older phones and may still use them today, simply because they are trying to save money.   There has got to be a solution to solve this problem, because it is not fair to consumers whom may have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, because of outdated technology. 

Although, brain surgeon Dr. Rahul Jandial claims there is no evidence that proves any cell phone can cause a brain tumor, we believe Sheryl Crow, because no one knows like better than herself how she began losing her memory and forgetting lyrics on stage.   To lose your memory at a young age is very serious and we feel you should beware of using using older cell phones.  After learning about Crow's diagnosis, we all should not ignore her condition or take it lightly.  It would be foolish for any of us not to pay attention to her factual claims of losing her memory, although Dr. Jandial claims there is no evidence proving a brain tumor is caused using outdated cell phones.

We can recall a show several years ago about the danger in using certain cell phones, which could cause some sort of brain cancer, allegedly.  This is why we believe Sheryl Crow.

Until there is a solution, we must pray for God to protect the brains of people who have used these outdated cell phones.   In the meantime, we will keep celebrity singer, Sheryl Crow in our prayers and we pray for her healing.
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Source, Photo and Video: http://www.ktla.com
Photo: Katie Couric Talk Show


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