Celebrity Preachers, Bishop Jakes, Osteen, Long and White, Enough Entertainment, Allow Mary K. Baxter to talk about her visit to hell

This article is not just for Celebrity Preacher Bishop T. D. Jakes, but also for the rest of the celebrity preachers whom have allowed a lot of entertainment in the house of God and allegedly, less talk about sin.  Many celebrity preachers today do not discuss how sinners, back-sliders and many Christians whom live double lives can go to hell.   The reason why we are bringing this issue up, is because every second, there are innumerable souls being tossed into the huge pit, lake of fire.  If these celebrity preachers do not allow this woman of God to discuss how Jesus Christ met with her and took her on a 30 night tour to hell, they could be in danger with God.

Of course, there are other chosen ministers like Mary K. Baxter whom have been anointed and appointed by God to come back and give there testimony, but first, we are making a suggestion to make an example for others to also have that same opportunity.   There are thousands of souls whom view into Bishop T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Bishop Randy and Paula White's televised program on a weekly basis.   Why can't the truth be told about hell not only at their church locations, but also on there televised programs?   God is going to hold celebrity preachers accountable if they do not allow this woman of God and others whom have been to heaven and hell share what occurred in not only hell, but also in heaven when they spoke with the Son of God and God, the Father.   You see, we are living in a very crucial time in history, two presidential candidates whom have different viewpoints that are not allegedly biblically correct and these preachers, whether they call themselves celebrities are not, are in trouble with God, if they do not talk about sin.   God's wrath against those whom sin is in the Bible.  Yes, God is love, but it is so very important that each and ever preacher share the reality of hell.   It exist and is very real.   It is God's request that preachers drop their status as celebrities and let Jesus Christ be the superstar He is and share what He does not like in and out of the church.   We have had enough hip hop, rock and rap in the House of God, now is the time to share with souls what is in store for them, if they should die the next second and are not in the will of God.

On our videos page, we not only present Mary K. Baxter's testimony, but there are others whom have been chosen by God to come back and tell what they saw when Jesus took them on a tour to hell and/or heaven.   If we were you, we would pay close attention to what happens when souls do not yield to God's will and end up in eternal hell and damnation.

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