10 Signs of a mega ministry or (black) church that could be Cult, Today: Rev. Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple Similarities

SCR readers, it is very important for us to show you 10 signs of a mega ministry that could be a cult today.    The reason why this matter is very relevant is simply because we have told you several times, Jesus Christ has informed certain ministers He is angry at some of them for preaching for fame and fortune and this includes some of the most popular pastors of mega ministries.   Allegedly, many of these pastors are leaders of some of the biggest cults and if you support their ministries, you need to take heed to this article, because not only do they have a lot in common with Rev. Jim Jones, but they are also offending God.   Interim listening to the testimony of Bishop Earthquake Kelley, God told him to come back and forewarn these rich and famous preachers about preaching for fame and fortune. A few others testified Jesus Christ actually revealed to them certain ministers in hell for stealing tithes and offering from poor people and they begged Him for mercy while burning in the eternal flames (see videos page).  Can you imagine certain deceased ministers whom once preached the gospel here on earth and were once admired by many of people in eternal hell, right now, at this very moment? 

Sisters and brothers, many cults of today maybe putting your soul at risk, because they are not teaching you about sin.   Many of these ministers are discreet messengers for Satan and are not true messengers for Jesus Christ.  In fact, this is how many of them earned their status as a celebrity, they have sold their soul the the Devil to get fame and fortune and have made a pact never to preach about sin.   Now, please take heed to the correct information, we are not insinuating all mega ministries, but only some of them are not true messengers for Jesus Christ.  

Allegedly, here are 10 Signs of a mega ministry or any (black) church that could be a cult, today.
  1.  When a pastor of a preacher says he or she is god or a type of god.  In God's Word, He mentions He is a jealous God and said, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me (Exodus20:3).'  God does not even want you to think of yourself as a god, we are hearing a lot of that junk these days.  Also read Exodus 20:5, 'You shall not bow down yourself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me'
  2. Whenever the Holy Bible is translated to oppose the King James Version.  Allegedly, there are many pastors whom putting their own philosophical scriptures, so their followers will not read accurate scriptures. Therefore, many of their church members become confused and are not in full submission to God, but only under full authority of their pastor.
  3. Thousands of church members' minds are being controlled by one man or woman and they are in full submission to God.  They attack others whom disagree with their un-biblical tactics, speaking threats.  They protect them even if they are not following God's Word.  Rev. Jim Jones was a master manipulator and many times would throw out against anyone whom spoke against him or his teachings.     He would control the minds of his followers to turn against those whom he thought rebelled against his authority, this is what we have seen on televised services, the demon of backlash against those whom refuse to idolize a celebrity preacher or any other controlling minister who has a domineering personality.   These sort of false prophets are angry because those whom oppose him or her choose to believe the teachings of the Holy Bible, instead of their philosophies which oppose God's biblical instructions and commandments.  They want to be respected like a god and no glorification of Jesus Christ, the Son of God is recognized in their church sermons. They often make mockery of holy people whom refuse to be worldly. They have become a slave to their pastor and do not recognize God as their Lord and Master.
  4. The alleged cult allows seductive dancing in God's House, this is one of the behaviors Rev. Jim Jones allowed, which you will see on one of the following video clips.  No man or woman should ever be allowed to move their body in a seductive fashion, which could cause certain men and women to lustfully desire them.   There should never be any music similar to lustful music of the world or even in a nightclub.   The music in God's House and even in the gospel music industry should be completely sacred.  As you have noticed, over the past 20 years, many children have been allowed to move their bodies in an ungodly fashion during church services and even at gospel concerts.  Many people wonder why there are so many child molesters behind the pulpit and even in the pews today, simply because much of the form of music is extremely ungodly, along with unholy dancing.   If the Holy Ghost is not moving the people, they should not be moving at all.
  5. Their church is located far way on the side of the road, similar to a compound.  No church should be so far away, it is so difficult for souls to be able to get to the sanctuary.   We know of a few churches like this and they in fact are leading people astray on their compound, which sits on many acres of land.  They are multimillion dollar corporations and many souls flock to their church, no matter how far they have to go to reach the sanctuary that is supposed to be the house of God.   Saints, why should any church that is supposed to be the House of God be located in a secluded location?   Usually, many of their followers are spiritually blind and idolize\their pastor whom has a household name, instead of worshiping God, so they are attracted to attending their famous church building, no matter how many miles it takes to get there, even in a secluded location.   
  6.  Whenever former church members are hated for choosing to go to another church and could be harassed by their former pastor, along with his or her followers.  An individual should be free to leave any church and attend another one without anyone take that right away from them.
  7. There is no sign of the crucifixion in their churches.  Inside of God's House, there ought to be a cross that reveals Christ's sufferings for each and every sinner, but the cross is very absent today.   Often times, we see a globe and the average excuse is simply they are reaching out to the world, but refuse to put up a cross in their sanctuaries or even and even outside of the church building.   Usually, these sort of alleged cult leaders are preaching as though they are preaching about Jesus Christ, but they are uplifting their own name and are often glorified by their church members, allegedly.  Their 'so-call' sanctuaries are operated as though they are corporations set up for a motivational speaker whom never touch on the subject of God's wrath against sinners and this includes teaching their followers about living a complete holy lifestyle.  As the gospel song the late Rev. James Cleveland use to sang, 'no cross, no crown.'
  8. Parents have no control over their own children, but their church leader has ultimate control.  Their children listen to their pastor more than the parent.   Saints of God, something is very wrong with this picture.  No child should ever be under the authority of someone else other than the parent, not even the pastor.   If the parent instructs the child that it is wrong to do certain things, according to God's Word, then it is wrong.  Any pastor that is misleading the youth to oppose God's Word, in exchange for worldly sub-ordinance, allegedly that church organization is a cult.   For example, you should have the power to tell your child it is wrong to listen to Christian rap or hip hop gospel and explain why without a  pastor controlling the child to do and believe, otherwise.
  9. The husband or wife rebels against their spouse and is controlled by their pastor.  No husband or wife should ever be in full submission to their pastor and not showing dedication to their marriage, No husband or wife should be spending more time with their pastor than with their spouse.  For many years, this sort of behavior has ruined many marriages, which often has ended in divorce.   Many times, the pastor allegedly has a discreet sexual relationship with the husband or wife and often deceives them into thinking it is okay to have an affair, whether it is fornication, adultery or homosexuality.  The sad part is, often their husband and wives know about their discreet sexual relationships and there have been alleged swinging sessions, which you know is also a sin.  It is a sin to sleep with multiple people at one time, just as much it is a sin to have a single affair, even if your spouse is in concurrence with it.  This is what happened in the case of Jim Jones, it was allegedly mentioned he had affairs with husbands, wives, including their children.
  10. Yes, the Bible did say bring ye the tithes into the storehouse in Malachi 3:10, but God never told any pastor of preacher to hound their followers into giving their last, which may take food off their tables and out of their children's mouths.   He never desired for people to be put out into the street and their cars repossessed, because they skipped payments just to give what was expected to their church leader.  God never wants to see the pastor and his or her first family up in the big house while people in the pews are living in low income housing or in homeless shelters.  God loves everyone the same and never wants those whom serve Him to feel as though they are less than the pastor and first family they financially support.  For example, if the pastor can afford to put their child in an upscale college, then so should a church member without any stress or strain.  Church members are just as special as first families and should not be treated as though they are less.  Therefore, they should not ever be expected to give their last, even if they can hardly survive.
It is so sad, many years after the Jim Jones tragedy, thousands of African Americans and even other races are deceived to believe anything that is not in the Word of God.  They love their alleged cult leader more than Jesus Christ and will regularly attend church services, as though they are a child of God, when in fact their spirit has been allegedly controlled by satanic forces under the leadership of the ministry they faithfully give their tithes and offerings to.   Allegedly, it was mentioned that Jim Jones threw down the Bible, spit on it and told his followers He was God and yet and still his followers (mostly black) still followed him and addressed him as 'Father Jones.'




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