The Grave of King Richard III Found Beneath Parking Lot?

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The researchers from Leicester, England, who had long been looking for traces of a famous king of England, King Richard III discover new clues in their search. The researchers announced they have found an medieval style ornament of window tracery, tile fragments were polished and roof tiles and in the parking lot Leicester City Council.

The findings are believed to be part of the Greyfriars Church, where King Richard III was buried. Richard III ruled England in 1483-1485 before he was killed in battle Bosworth Field, which became part of the Wars of the Roses.

After his death, Richard was taken to Leicester, and was buried in the Franciscan Friary which is also known as the Greyfriar. However, the tomb of Richard III, also the church, slowly forgotten.

Interestingly, there are a number of stories that mention the death of the last ruler of the House of York. There is a story that mentions Richard III bones thrown into the River Soar. "While other stories, generally discredit, citing his grave used for watering horses," said Philippa Langley, members of Richard III Society.

The figure of King Richard III was then back in the air after the University of Leicester archaeologist mention that under the likely buried in the Middle Ages site beneath parking lot of Leicester City Council. The archaeologists then used ground-penetrating radar to locate the best performing excavation.
At this location, there is the Tomb of Richard III, King of England who was killed in a battle in the 15th century. (Picture from:
In the first week, the team digs deep as 30 meters and found what they call the hall way (cloister walk) and the intersection of the walls of the church. Next plan is to trace the trench to be connected with the church.
Richard III society member Philippa Langley crouches amid paving stones which may belong to a 17th-century garden containing a memorial to the lost king. (Picture from:
Greyfriars exact location for this is still a mystery. But researchers from the University of Leicester suspect Greyfriars located in one part of the car park Leicester city council. A joint team of the University of Leicester researchers, Leicester City Council, and Richard III Society been searching Greyfriars since August 25, 2011.
Fragments that may belong to the east window of Greyfriar's church. (Picture from:
Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society, agreed that it was reasonable for the location of the final resting place last Plantagenet king. "We were in the right area. We're beginning to get a sense of where the body of King Richard may have been brought," said Langley.

The researchers hope they can find the tomb and body of King Richard III's then burying him appropriately in Leicester Cathedral.

"Greyfriars we have found. And we are looking for other clues where the church stood. Later, although the body of Richard III does not work we found, but it is still important work to uncover the history of Leicester." said Richard Buckley, one of the University of Leicester Archaeological team leader as reported by LiveScience, Monday, September 3, 2012.

"We will be digging trenches contingency during this weekend to see if it's a church wall. If this happens, we can show the area where Richard III may have been buried," said Buckley. *** [LIVESCIENCE | CENTROONE | SURABAYA POST | VIVA NEWS]
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