TBN’s Paul Crouch Sr. Wrote Deathbed Declaration?

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TBN’s Paul Crouch Sr. Wrote Deathbed Declaration?

We have to ask you once again: Who really follows people like this? We may be redundant in our query but really, would any of us in our right minds send one red cent (old school term for 'a dime') of our hard earned money to a women who looks like this? It all seems like a big joke at the circus and they have been laughing all the way to the bank for years now. Just saying... Enough said.

Now, as peculiar as the photo looks and not sure why she needs to make such an expression while holding a handwritten note, but it is apparently a part of some handing over of the network to their son, Matt Crouch.

Read the report below from the OC Register:
A photograph entered into the court record of what appears to be Jan Crouch, her head tossed back in ecstasy, showing off a letter that is alleged to have been written by her husband, Paul, on what was assumed to be his deathbed.

Read full report at Church Scandal Report!


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