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It is the human nature that likes to use something new and sophisticated but perhaps this is not true for gadget users in a remote telecommunications, disaster areas and war areas.

Not long ago, a nonprofit group MobileActive released a program called SaferMobile intended for activists and journalists who were in the area with a repressive regime. Through the program, the agency provides a guide on how to use encryption techniques and the use of handheld mobile devices that are not tracked.

The agency warned of the risks of using a communication device for activists and journalists working in conflict-prone areas. Many now prefer the international media news sources of the local population in conflict-prone areas, to reduce the risk of security for journalists working in the region.

But it was also create new problems. Rami al-Sayed, for example, video bloggers who are sending video material from the conflict in Syria, was killed after the download of video clips on the internet, used by Al Jazeera, the BBC and Sky News.

Through the agency SafferMobile program provides guidance on how the use of a number of communication tools can be dangerous device users. Through site, the agency released a Twitter user, YouTube service, e-mail, and downloading of pictures taken from a camera mobile phone. The Institute also provides satellite phone user is often so turned improve security risks in its operation.

The site invites users device communication tools to realize the risks of using communication tools to protect themselves.

Who does not know the sophistication of satellite phone, which is able to provide communication access in almost all locations in this hemisphere. Satellite phone, despite high operating costs, often a choice available when it comes to device communication tools in one location are minimal telecommunications infrastructure, from natural disasters to war conflict situations.

The agency expose a number of security-related risks users. Among other things, relatively easily intercepted satellite telephone, data sent via satellite could hardly be encrypted, and the device is also often sends the user's location in the form of data the GPS satellite coordinates.

In areas of conflict, particularly the war zone, the use of satellite phone can be dangerous. Frequently humanitarian activists and journalists became targets of the regime who feel aggrieved by their activity. The agency provides a number of tips that can be used to reduce risk. *** [AHMAD F | MOBILEACTIVE | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13092012]
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