Face Cream Protect Soldiers From Bomb Blast

Scientists have developed a face cream for soldiers who not only serves as camouflage, but it can protect their face from the burns caused by a bomb blast.

As well as waves of pressure, exploding bombs emit blasts of heat that can exceed 600°C. Such a blast may only last a couple of seconds, but that’s long enough to cook human skin. A soldier’s conventional camouflage make-up only makes matters worse as it contains oil and wax.

Scientists have created face paint
that protects soldiers against the
heat of explosions. (Picture from: 
The US Department of Defense funded researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi to tackle the problem. The team upgraded camouflage face paint by replacing its carbon base with silicone. Silicone is non-flammable as it absorbs heat outside of the spectrum produced by intense flames.

Cream is made from materials that can be applied on the face like sunscreen. Materials or substances leaving a layer that is thinner than a sheet of paper, but it can protect the skin from overheating.

"We managed to achieve proof of (successful) concept and working prototype in a relatively smgkat," said Robert Lochhead, researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi, USA.

In laboratory experiments, the discovery Lochhead and colleagues were able to protect the skin of the face and hands of more than 15 seconds before finally appear first degree burns. In fact, in some tests, the cream to protect the skin for up to 60 seconds. Narrow time it was enough to help soldiers and firefighters to be protected from fire.
In the video above, the temperatures of two panels are being measured as they are exposed to a blowtorch. The panel on the left is coated with the new heat-resistant camouflage make-up. As both panels are exposed to flames, the temperature of the painted panel rises far more slowly than the bare one on the right. The material was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia (August 22, 2012).

As quoted from Dailymail, a team of researchers also are developing substances that protect clothing, tents, and other materials from fire hazards. These substances are also available in various colors, suitable for day and night use. Also developed a colorless version for firefighters. *** [NEWSCIENTIST | RIF | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30082012]
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