Is It True That More of Extraterrestrial Life?

Is there life outside the Earth? A lot, that's the answer of a group of scientists who gave a presentation of their findings on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen.

Their conclusion was obtained after a number of new model equipment designed to test whether a planet capable of supporting life, by looking for evidence of underground water.

As quoted by BBC News page, appliances new model developed by scientists is indeed powerful. Instead of finding the water surface, the equipment was actually more astute to identify the presence of water constantly hot molten core of a planet due.
Scientists should not exclude planets that reside in colder regions. (Picture from:
"This development could mean more planets are found to be able to sustain life forms," said a spokesman for the research team. Their opinions challenged Goldilocks theory that has been recognized by a space.
Goldilocks theory. (Picture from:
  • A planet is warmed by two sources of heat - solar energy and internal heat.
  • The further away a planet is from its sun the less energy it receives and surface water freezes.
  • As the distance increases underground water also starts to freeze.
  • But if the planet is large enough and produces enough internal heat, it could still contain deep reservoirs of liquid water capable of supporting life, no matter how far away from the sun.
Goldilocks theory states, the planet must be within an ideal distance from the sun to support life. "Ideal distance from the sun allowing the planet is not too cold so that life in it could freeze, or too hot so that it can melt," said Sean McMahon, a doctoral student from the University of Aberdeen.

In fact, says Professor John Parnell, lead researcher from the University of Aberdeen, there are other important habitats for microorganisms that is located a few kilometers below the earth's surface, "Many scientists believe most microscopic life on Earth could live in that location."

McMahon said the latest research on this could be an important breakthrough for the search for signs of extraterrestrial life. Parnell added that the idea of ​​the habitable zone is not defined narrowly only to the conditions on the surface of a planet. Conditions inside the planet layer also noteworthy. "This point of view will bring up a number of other habitable planets," he said. *** [BBC | TELEGRAPH | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3994]
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