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Megachurch Pastors Receiving Larger Salaries, Report Says

Well, if you really want to know more about how pastors are paid and how much these megachurch pastors receive, you could use the information below as a guide. You can also rest assure that we have our tidbits to add to it.

A new report says megachurch pastors' salaries have increased over the last two years. It also stated the salaries were stagnated for a short period of time.

According to the 2012 Large Church Salary Report by Leadership Network (whose heard of this organization?), senior pastor salaries rose about 2 percent per year for the last two years. These particular pastors were said to be leading growing churches.

The Leadership Network is said to have been conducting salary surveys of large churches since 2001.
For whatever reason, the network began looking into the salaries of megachurch leaders and asked for salary comparisons with peer churches. We do have to say it is an interesting topic especially if the findings open the eyes of the public.

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