Wrong Church Advice: Pat Robertson Allegedly advised a man to move to Saudia Arabia to beat his wife

It is wrong for any man or woman of God to advise anyone, in this case, a man to move to Saudia Arabia, so he could have the right to beat his wife.  God is not pleased with this sort of response, not even if Pat Robertson was having a sense of humor.   As you know, the world already tries to pinpoint any flaws within the church, so in our opinion, it was wrong for Pat Robertson to say something like this on national television.  

If the true sanctified church of God expects for the world to turn away from sin and completely follow the Word of God, then we should not ever be caught giving such brutal advice to anyone seeking help.

Furthermore, we are sure this husband who was seeking some wisdom from Pat Robertson was not ever thinking about committing domestic violence.   No doubt, he was looking for a spiritual leader to help him handle his violently abusive wife, God's way and His way is never results to revenge.  We are suppose to think like Christians, not Muslims in another country.

In the meantime, we will be praying for Pat Robertson, because this is not the first time, he has said strange things that caused a controversial stir across this country.  Also, we are praying for the man whom is having trouble with his physically abusive wife and hope he will call the police, instead of getting revenge.  This case is really not a joking matter.
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'Move to Saudi Arabia so you can beat your wife if she disrespects you': Outrage over Pat Robertson's advice to husband

By Hugo Gye Legendary televangelist Pat Robertson courted controversy today when he apparently advised a man to move to Saudi Arabia so he could beat his wife. The Christian leader, who joined Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a campaign appearance last week, was giving advice to followers on...Read full article, here.  
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