Dolphin Population Exploded After the Storm

Hurricane bad news for life because often leads to disaster. However, the bottle nose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), the storm becomes the beginning of a new life.
Baby bottle nose dolphin and mother. (Picture from:
Hurricane Katrina hit the United States in 2005 was listed as one of the worst storms in history. But, at sea, the storm opened the way for the explosion of dolphin populations.

Since 2004, a group of biologists from the University of Southern Mississippi routinely record the number of young dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. The survey population continued until next three years. Startling facts emerged, the number of baby dolphins increased significantly two years after Hurricane Katrina. For the head of research, Lance J. Miller, population increase associated with the disaster.

Parent baby dolphin death is usually faster than the pregnant mother whose son was growing up. "Most of the babies died after Katrina," said Miller, "So most actively reproducing females suddenly the next year."

But an increasing number of pregnancies significantly in increasing the number of children of dolphins two years later. Alleged switch to port after a disaster condition. harvest of shrimp, crab, and fish.

Decrease in the number of vessels be good for the life of dolphins. When the ship less, these marine mammals have a lot of time looking for food rather than avoiding the ship.

Reduced arrests made Atlantic waters like dolphins ​​heaven. Fishery data show that 75 percent of the Mississippi fishermen catch are bottle nose dolphins. "The impact, the pregnant females get more foods that gave birth to a healthy baby," says Miller, "Babies who are born also have a chance of surviving from hunting so the number of young dolphins increased two years after Hurricane Katrina." *** [SCIAM | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3986]
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