Why Oval Egg Much Stronger?

Break the eggs over easy when done along the side rather than at the ends. Now scientists find out why it happened.
This latest study helps experts better understand the biological engineering biological structures like cells egg-shaped oval. Response oval cells to treatment was also studied.

Two separate research teams examining how strong oval-shaped cells, such as eggs, and made ​​of what cell. Their research will be published in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters. "In the past, researchers who study ovoid structure should compare with other forms with a particular equation," said Dominic Vella, a mathematician at the University of Oxford, UK, who was involved in the research.

Arnaud Lazarus, an engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who joined the second team, said they have a target must be able to unravel the mystery behind the oval shape without having to disassemble an object. "The formula is, when we put pressure on the outer shell of the cell, and the cell change shape, the thickness can be estimated."

Pedro Reis, a mechanical engineer at MIT who worked with Lazarus, said the research could be extended to a variety of applications in addition to biomechanics. "The formula we are able to calculate the micro cracks in a cell accurately," he said.

Both research teams also take a graphical approach to test their theory. Lazarus team uses three-dimensional printer and make prints made ​​from silicone casts of four different oval shapes of egg. They then press the tip of the mold and measure the strength of each "egg".

Although tapering perfectly and looks smooth, Reis said egg has many small imperfections along the surface of the shell, especially on its side. "This section is prone to crack," he said. *** [INSIDESCIENCE | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3988]
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