Celebrity News: Intruder Arrested at Miley Cyrus's House: It's time for all celebrities to get right with God

As you know, we do not sugarcoat our words here at SCR blog, but we tell you the truth, for we know God expects us to give people a forewarning to serve Him or their soul will eventually be eternally lost.  Today's average pastor of mega ministries will not tell these celebrities the truth, because they would rather share their wealth along with their status as a celebrity.   Just recently in Studio city, a burglar entered the home of famous celebrity rapper and actor, L. L. Cool J. and now an intruder has entered the home of the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and he refused to leave, armed with a pair of scissors.   Now of course, we are not saying they are these celebrities are to blame for the break-in, but it is time for all celebrities to take heed and get right with God.

If Miley Cyrus claims to be a saint, then as we have said before, God always uses others for the rest of the group, in this case celebrities take heed to His voice and that is, to repent.  We are sure she is a wonderful person, but other celebrities whom learn about of these intruders breaking into their elite acquaintince's homes should take heed and change their lives for Jesus Christ.

Just like God has rules for people whom are not rich and famous, He also has rules for wealthy celebrities and if these celebrity preachers refuse to preach the truth and tell them to get right with God, then we will accept God's assignment to do so.  As we have told you before, God always gives forewarning to people, because He allows destruction to happen in their lives and this is another sign that God expects for Miley Cyrus and all the other celebrities to make sure they are right with Him before it is everlasting too late.   Jesus Christ is coming back for a righteous church and He also expects for us Christians to not only show the love of Christ, but give them forewarning that He wants them to fully to surrender to only His will and only doing things His way, not their own.   She may not have been home, but those who faced this intruder could have faced harm and danger.  The first time around God may allow nothing tragic to occur just for the person to take heed, then if they ignore His voice, it could be worse later.  All celebrities must yield to the Lord Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   Celebrities are yet dying before their time and people do not like to discuss God's expectancies for their lives, but we come to tell you, time is winding up and these strange occurrences just do not occur by accident.   We are not created to do things our own way, but we were created by God to serve Him and be a witness to bring other souls into His Kingdom and this is for all races and ages.  In some previous articles, we even mentioned this for pastors whom have been violently attacked all sorts of ways, because we realize the church has not even set an example of complete holiness to win lost souls into the Kingdom of God.

In the meantime, we will be praying for Miley Cyrus.  Thank God she was not home when this intruder hopped the fence and thank God those whom were at her home in Studio City were safe.

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Intruder Arrested at Miley Cyrus's House

 KTLA News

STUDIO CITY (KTLA) - A man who jumped the fence at singer Miley Cyrus's Studio City home in the early-morning hours on Saturday was arrested by police for trespassing and burglary.

Police had responded to a 9-1-1 trespassing call in the 11500 block of Amanda Drive in Studio City. They found the man hiding in the bushes, and when he refused to cooperate with police, they use a...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video:  KTLA.com




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