Does God want the black church to join American Catholics for Religious Freedom?

This is when God expects for all denominations to unite, when it is requested for us to reclaim or religious freedom.  God wants the black church to be strong and not yield to Satan's expectations to fear mankind who opposes God and His Word.   American Catholics for Religious Freedom is inviting all people of all denominations to sign the pledge to unite to keep our right to pray, read our Bible in public places, have Bible study in our homes, wear holy crosses in the workplace, preach against God's complete Word against sin, teach against immoral practices even in our Christian schools and all other things that robs us of our religious freedom. 

No, we may not have agreed with everything the catholic church has done in the past, but-all other denominations have not been perfect either.  Therefore, why not celebrate their organization to stand up for righteousness, so we can keep our religious freedom the Framers gave us as stated in the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution?   We tell you this is so much more than what the black church is doing, instead many pastors have thrown away Holy Scriptures for fear of being persecuted.  Thank God for this organization, American Catholics for Religious Freedom, because we cannot get the majority of black preachers to stand up for what is right, instead they have become puppets, not fearing the judgement of God.  Therefore, those of you whom claim to really love God and not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a good idea to sign this pledge.

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