Church Pastor Accidentally Drowns in NJ Hotel Pool: Could God be trying to get the attention of pastors of mega ministries?

This late pastor, Charles Ahia drowned while trying to swim early in the morning.  He was the pastor of World Outreach Ministries in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  His location was the headquarters and the other locations are in New York and Maryland, one is coming in Ghana, Africa. SCR readers, it is time for pastors of mega ministries to realize God could be allowing deaths of various ministries, because He is tired of the greed, according to Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony, which is located on our videos page.  Now you may say, this pastor just did not know how to swim and this is why he died.  However, God knows what a person is going to do, even if it does not make sense, simply because we are living in an age when God's wrath has been pouring down into the church world where many have carried on the demon of rebellion.

Many of today's average international mega ministries seem as though they are reaching out to the world, when it fact, some could be opening up more locations to bring in more money.   Now,  of course we are not saying the cause for this pastor's death, we assume they founded these branches to reach lost souls who may not be able to get to the main location, hopefully. However, some others are not doing it for that particular reason and when one dies, we cannot help but think about what Bishop Earthquake Kelley claimed God told Him when He visited heaven, giving forewarning to ministers whom are preaching for fame and fortune.   Therefore, God could be using some of these cases to get the attention of others whom may have been ignoring God's expectancy to repent and change their wicked ways.

Now, there are many ministers whom may take Bishop Earthquake Kelley's alleged claim lightly, because the money is so good and they were never able to live in their fine homes and nice automobiles until they expanded their ministries.   However, we take what he said very serious.   Of course, we acknowledge some of the ministers whom suddenly died among others were pastors of small churches, so only God knows the reason why He allowed them to die before their time.    

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to those like Bishop Kelley who went to heaven and spoke with God and came back to give forewarning to the entire church, not just the black church.  Now, Bishop Earthquake Kelley said God told him those whom were preaching for fame and fortune would drop dead in their pulpits, we know of about three cases, Bishop Kelley said he knew of two others that did not make national headlines like the ones we know about.   Now you may say Ahia drowned and that's different, but not necessarily so, there are also other ministers whom died in various tragic ways and there are different ways God wants the black church to take heed to His voice and possibly they may not all die the same way.  Of course, we do not know the mind of God.  Like we said his death could be used as an example to wake up other ministers to take heed to God's voice.

Now on the other hand, it seems like Pastor Ahia's death could have been a murder, because it does not make sense for him to go out into the deep end with someone else at 7 o'clock in the morning, knowing he cannot swim.  Think about it, if so, then investigators need to take a closer look into his death and consider it a possible homicide.

May Charles Ahia rest in peace.

Church Pastor Accidentally Drowns in NJ Hotel Pool
FAIRFIELD, N.J. -- Investigators say the death of a church pastor who drowned in a northern New Jersey hotel pool this weekend appears to have been an accident.

But further testing will be done to see if medical issues contributed to the death of Charles Ahia, a 51-year-old Irvington resident who die...Read full article, here. 



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