Celebrity Hollywood News: Death of Michael Clarke Duncan Revealed As Lack Of Oxygen

We do not like to make assumptions, but we find it very strange that Michael Clarke Duncan was without oxygen when he had his heart attack back in July.   It was for more than 5 minutes, that's a long time before Omarosa was able to restart his heart.   Then, when he was in the hospital and she left the room, then returned to discover him dead seems very awkard.   It seems like something happened no one else knows about, except for God and someone else who could be responsible for his death.

May Michael Clarke Duncan rest in peace and we are praying for Omarosa.

Michael Clarke Duncan Lack of Oxygen Proved Fatal
The dramatic minutes Michael Clarke Duncan was without oxygen during his heart attack damaged his organs so badly ... he could never recover -- TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in Duncan's treatment tell us ... on July 13 the actor went without oxygen for more than 5 minutes before Omarosa was able to re-start his heart with CPR.  We're told 5...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy http://www.tmz.com


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