Sperm From Skin Cells

The scientists team from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, United States, finding new ways to treat male fertility problems. Their research shows male fertility can be restored with sperm grown from the skin.

Sperm cells created from 
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Research shows that these cells are the adult body, such as skin, can be encouraged to return to a more primitive condition, and then converted into different cell types. One type of cell that is created from this new technique is sperm.

"We hope this technique could help men with cancer to be a father. Because infertility a side effect of some cancer treatments," said Charles Easley, who led the study, as quoted by the Telegraph, last week.

The research team found stem cells from skin samples can be grown into cells keys, one of which is the sperm cells early stages. "Sperm can indeed be stored for artificial insemination procedures, but it does help some patients, such as the boys pre-puberty," said Easley.
"No one has been able to make human sperm from pluripotent stem cells in the lab, but this research indicates it might be possible," says lead author Charles Easley. (Picture from: http://www.futurity.org/)
The latest development comes after British scientists said earlier this year has made a major breakthrough by creating brain tissue from human skin. Actually there is a procedure to store testicular tissue before cancer therapy. However, Easley said, many people do not have the opportunity to keep the network remains permanently sterile. And so far there is no cure to overcome their infertility.

Findings of Easley and colleagues opens the possibility to restore male fertility to sterile skin samples are easy to obtain. "Now human sperm can be made from multipotensi stem cells in the lab," he said. Multipotensi stem cells are stem cells that can be molded into almost any kind of cell in the body.

This new technique also gives scientists a unique opportunity to study the molecular signals that regulate the formation of sperm. Furthermore, this technique can be used to find new ways of diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.

These findings are very encouraging Easley scientists. However, many are also worried about these techniques will be misused to create life through artificial means. Moreover, stem cell research is controversial. *** [TELEGRAPH | FUTURITY | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI KORAN TEMPO 3985]
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