R&B Diva Chaka Khan To Drop a Gospel Album?

R&B Singer Chaka Khan To Drop a Gospel Album?

We now have Chaka Khan giving her try on singing gospel. BET's The Gospel According to Torrence has reported she's working on a Gospel EP which should be released in January.

We saw Chaka Khan sing gospel at Oprah's Gospel Brunch on Youtube and of course she did a great job. All we ask is if she can do it in a way that exemplifies the heart of God. We pray she does not invite the hip hop and R&B into the mix.

But we have to say that we wish artists would choice one or the other. We know that people have talents in many different areas but it really does confuse their audience into thinking its o.k. to serve two masters. This is mentioned only in the sense that the genres are mixed and it gives us a distorted sense of holiness and total reverence to God.


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