Compound That Triggers Technological Advances

Erbium Chloride Silicate
Although its name is rarely heard and difficult to pronounce, since its found to successfully purged of impurities compounds, the use of rare earth metals, is very much in the industrialized world. Rare earth metal lanthanide and actinide groups occupy the periodic system of elements indicates that this material is a material future because it can trigger the birth of new technologies that will continue to grow as LCD, neo-magnet, and hybrid batteries. Special properties of metals in this group makes this material can not be replaced by other metals. Its presence is rare in this world, making these metals are considered as a vital material.

Erbium (Er).(Picture from:
Erbium is one member of the 31 rare earth metals. Erbium was first discovered by Carl Gustaf Mosander, a Swedish chemist.

Although in a state of pure white erbium This is soft and malleable, will have the privilege of a new erbium when combined with the world's vanadium metal metallurgy and nuclear technology. The new alloy can reduce the hardness of a material other and able to improve the ability of habitual are not able to do other types of metals.

Erbium(III)chloride in sunlight, 
showing some pink fluorescence
of Er+3 from natural ultraviolet.
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In addition combined with vanadium, some time ago, a bunch of scientists from Arizona State University have created a new compound from erbium, erbium chloride silicate is expected to lead to advances in computer technology, internet, and electricity. According to one scientist creator, erbium chloride silicate compounds can be used to develop a new generation of computers, improve the capabilities of the Internet, increase the efficiency of silicon-based photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy, as well as sensor technology improves.

The new findings involving the synthesis of a new erbium compound that was first in the form of single-crystal nanowires were judged to have more capabilities when compared with other forms of erbium compound.

Erbium is able to emit photons in the 1.5 micron wavelength used in fiber optics for internet performance and high quality phone. Erbium is used in optical fibers to amplify the signal in the internet and mobile telecommunication systems. The presence of erbium atoms is able to change electrical or optical properties, as desired. In fact, the presence of this new compound creates ease of erbium atoms are present in large quantities that can be integrated into chip-scale systems. Thus, the new compound can be integrated with silicon to combine the functionality of the Internet and computer on the basis of silicon cheaper to increase the pace of computing and Internet operation at the same time.

Erbium-colored glass.(Picture from:
This erbium material can also be used to increase the conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells. Silicon does not absorb solar radiation with a wavelength of 1.1 microns, making solar cells is not efficient. Erbium can fix it by changing two or more photons of energy carriers into a small number of photons that carry a large amount of energy.

Stronger single photon can then be absorbed by the silicon and improve the efficiency of solar cells. Erbium material is also helps the absorption of ultraviolet rays from the sun and convert it into photons of smaller energy carrier is more efficient to be converted into electricity by silicon cells.

By increasing the number of erbium atoms, providing more optical activity to produce stronger lighting and improve the conversion of light into the various colors of white light to allow solar cells more efficient at converting sunlight into electrical energy. *** [YOPPY IRAWAN | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30082012]
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