Celebrity Preacher, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Sanctify the Priesthood in Today's Church for God

As many of you know Pastor Sheryl Brady and her husband, Bishop Joby Brady are the Pastors of The Potter's House North.   We were very surprised after hearing Pastor Sheryl Brady's sermon.   In the age of mega ministries, we have never heard any preacher boldly and allegedly say, 'whoever the next president is, let him be a Godly president.'   Now that was real, because usually we are seeing many pastors being followers of the president and not insisting on righteousness in the White House.   Sheryl Brady really revealed what type of preacher she is and she seems to be truly anointed and appointed by God to call souls into repentance.  Of course, that was just one sermon we heard so far, but it was very real.

God is calling many preachers to be real and whether it is a black, white or a multicultural church, it seems very rare to hear any preacher of this era allow God to speak from their lips, a lot of them are speaking from their own minds.   You see, we are supposed to be vehicles in the ministry and we are supposed to allow God to steer us in the right direction to preach every Word from Him.  When Pastor Sheryl Brady preached, 'Don't Sweat It' she did not just inspire her many followers at The Potter's House North campus, but she preached about how the enemy that often tries to discourage those in their personal lives and even in the work force.   We do not often hear preachers calling it what it is, The Devil causing us to sweat over situations we cannot handle.

It does not matter if a person is white, black or any other race, God wants all preachers to preach against sin and not compromise.   We heard Pastor Sheryl Brady preach was that we must let go of certain things in our lives, which are not of God, which is called righteousness and holy living.  Pastor Brady preached about the priesthood within God's Kingdom and how we are supposed to believe as God's children and be willing to suffer as we receive our blessing.   If we are supposed to be in God's presence, we must operate on His order.  Let us disconnect from things and people that make us worry, no matter the benefits.   It is the woolly stuff that may bring us benefits that cause us to worry so much, it disconnects us from God.  The only place to escape our problems in life is separating in the carnal world which is full of things that make us sweat is by allowing God to move us into the supernatural world, which is the Kingdom of God. 

We did not know Pastor Sheryl Brady was a high school dropout.  It helps to hear a minister of the gospel is not so proud to be honest about their background and that is, being able to relate to all sorts of people within our society.  Among many of today's celebrity preachers, we hear them brag about how many degrees they have and too proud to allow the anointing to flow through their sermons, but Pastor Brady seems down to earth and not one to put on airs for recognition.

Look at all of the people so far at The Potter's House North.   Pastor Sheryl Brady and her husband, Bishop Joby Brady are really attracting a huge flock and her sermon.  We would not be surprised pretty soon many more will come to be spiritually fed.

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