Celebrity News: Tameka Raymond Files Motion For New Child Custody Trial

We knew Tameka Foster was not just going to accept Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane's decision, because she is not a dumb woman nor is she weak.   Many times tragedies like death make you stronger and you refuse to allow people to walk over you.  In this case, Judge Lipton, Usher's attorney, John Mayoue, including Usher himself must have thought they could get away with their dirty secret of Judge Lane allegedly winning most of Attorney John Mayoue's cases and the two of them being close, but the truth was already leaking out on the internet and God always reveals what is hidden in the dark into the light.

Now, we see the ugly side of what goes in the court room, involving some of the most richest celebrities and it is obvious in some cases, they are being found not guilty, because of undercover connections.    We knew something was going on very sneaky when we saw Usher's family allegedly grinning in the camera few weeks before the case was over.   In our opinion, Judge Lane appeared as though she had a discreet plan, there was something about her expressions in that courtroom.   However, Tameka has a very smart attorney,
Lisa West is determined for her to have a fair trial and for Lane and Mayoue's connection to be revealed to the judicial system.  Celebrities may have a lot of money to cover up dirt, but their fortune could never outsmart those whom have courageous spirits like Tameka Foster.

Furthermore, we are so very happy Tameka has primary custody until the decision is made for a new trial.   We do not see how a new trial can be denied by the Georgia judicial system, because it is only moral to look into the facts that allowed Usher to win the custody battle.   Therefore, it would be illegal for the GA judicial system not to evaluate Judge Lane and Attorney Mayoue's court violation.

In the meantime, we will be praying for Tameka Foster, including her attorney.  We pray for everything to fairly work out in her favor.  Also, our prayers go out to Tameka and Usher's two sons.

Tameka Foster-Raymond Files Motion for New Trial

by Sandra Rose

Celebrity stylist Tameka Foster-Raymond’s legal team filed a motion for a new trial today in Fulton County court, according to my confidential source who obtained the court documents.

The court documents contain pretty damaging evidence that may (or may not) prove corruption at the state judicial level. Foster’s legal team has uncovered evidence that shows Usher Raymond’s attorney...Read full article, here.


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