Celebrity News: Pray for Omarosa, she breaks down in tears over dead fiancee, Michael Clarke Duncan

Omarosa Manigault needs our prayers, she seems to be having a hard time, after her fiancee, Michael Clarke Duncan died in a Los Angeles hospital.   She said she is devastated as she walked alone through Los Angeles airport.   Omarosa appears to have lost her best friend.  We cannot imagine the pain of losing the person we have dreams of marrying in the future.   As you know, Omarosa is a minister and we pray she uses this moment of grievance in her life to testify for others whom do not know how to go on in life without the person they truly love.

You know we here at SCR, believe in raising the dead and do not limit God working such miracles, because we have heard of various testimonies of people coming back to life.  Too bad, someone of faith could not have been there to rebuke death.  The modern day church is so universal and worldly, many pastors and evangelists are not even anointed to perform such miracles through Jesus Christ.  Duncan was too young to die.

May celebrity Michael Clarke Duncan rest in peace.

'I'm devastated': Michael Clarke Duncan's fiancée Omarosa Manigault breaks down in tears as she emerges after his death at 54

 By Nadia Mendoza

Michael Clarke Duncan's grief-stricken fiancée has emerged for the first time since Green Mile star passed away.

Omarosa Manigault broke down in tears as she made her way through Los Angeles airport yesterday clutching tissues in...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: Dailymail.co.uk 
Photo Courtesy:  Shark News/Splash



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