Celebrity Hollywood News: Fiancee Omarosa Manigault Cried as she struggled to speak at Michael Clarke Duncan's Funeral Service

Various celebrity Hollywood actors spoke and certain singers like Kenny Lattimore and Shanice sang at Michael Clarke Duncan's funeral.  Then, his fiancee, Omarosa Manigault had a hard time sharing thoughts about the man she was going to marry by next January.   The celebrity minister was struggling to speak about the man she loves as his mother was seated next to the podium.  On the big screen she showed a segment of a movie with his voice in the background.  She said he was her best friend while sharing memories of their past times together.

It is very sad to admit, but not hard to understand, God knows best.   It is much better for her to cry now, then to cry later on as his widow, because we learned from various sources, Michael Clarke Duncan was extremely ill.  He allegedly had various illnesses in his body.  As they showed his big photos on the big screen, it was very sad to hear the memories about a legendary Hollywood actor gone too soon at age 54.

May Michael Clarke Duncan rest in peace and our prayers are with Omarosa Manigualt and his family.

Source and Photo: CNN.com


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