Sumatran Tigers Habitat Increasingly Damaged

Sumatran Tiger's habitat homes more damaged, so that these animals continue to be threatened its existence. "We envision will find lush forests disappear. We found the former forest land that has been destroyed by the company," said Hariansyah Usman, Executive Director of the Indonesian Forum for Environment (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia/Walhi) Riau, yesterday in Jakarta.
The number of Sumatran tigers currently live 400 individuals. (Picture from:
Activist Walhi Riau, Walhi Jambi, Community Conservation Indonesia (Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia/KKI) Warsi, and Greenpeace tour titled "Tiger Eye/Mata Harimau". Journey to monitor these tiger habitat began in 16 September 2011. They trace the Senepis Forest, Rokan Hilir in Riau, then Tesso Nilo, up to Bukit Tigapuluh Region, Jambi.

According Diki Kurniawan, and Advocacy Program Manager KKI Warsi, destruction of forests in Bukit Tigapuluh Region also threaten the existence of the soul 500 peoples the "Orang Rimba" aka Jungle People that still depend on forest resources. The company, he said, indirectly depriving people of life the "Orang Rimba", so that the original inhabitants of Jambi is increasingly marginal in their own land.
Fish hunting in shallow ponds is a pasttime for some of the members of the "Orang Rimba", an indigenous folk that lives isolated in the depth of the Sumatran rainforest. (Picture from:
When in Senepis Forest, the team witnessed the canals that lead to dry peatland carbon-rich. Peat forests are located in two districts, namely Rokan Hilir and Kota Dumai. In 2007, the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia issued a principle permit to make it as a Sumatran tiger conservation forests.
(Picture from:
The opening of roads by forestry companies in the Sumatran tiger conservation area in the Senepis Forest, Kota Dumai, Riau, violates the forest management agreement. Besides it will also damage the peat swamp ecosystem. (Picture from:
But now the Senepis forest is owned by forestry companies. Seen similar sights in Tesso Nilo, peat with a depth of more than 5 meters. "The forest here used as a timber plantation," said Greenpeace Indonesia forest campaigner, Zulfahmi. *** [UNTUNG WIDYANTO | KORAN TEMPO 3675]
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