Christians Parents Watch And Pray: Teacher, 40, Had Six-Month Sexual Relationship with 14 Year Old Student

Christian parents, we have enough evil we are dealing with today with all of the gay and lesbian, homosexual demons entering into the young souls of children.   Among the homosexual demons trying to control the atmosphere in the schools and even in the church, we must be very careful to watch and pray even when it comes to teachers of the opposite sex whom maybe possessed with the demon of lust.   You see, we their are a mass of demons that are entering into the souls of men and women, regardless of their profession.  We must be very careful whom are children are learning their lessons from, it does not matter if the are age 5 or age 15, they can never get so old to be protected until they are 18 years old.  

It used to be time when women molesting children were unheard of, but nowadays it seems they have beat the men.  Of course, we know demons have gotten more bolder in latter years and do not care which gender they choose to control.

This 40-year-old teacher had a six-month sexual relationship with a 14 year old boy, after  allegedly flirting with him on Facebook.   Now, that the internet is so popular among young students, you must inform your children as a parent, you have the right to observe their accounts.  It does not matter if they rebel and make you feel as though you are being too strict.  As a parent, you must now take charge of your child's actions.  This is why God gave you to them as a parent.  Children were always rebellious, back in the day before their was an internet, they would complain about their parent's regulation over other sorts of communications.  Now, the internet is the most dangerous source of communication there is, because if you do not observe your child's account, they have complete privacy to chat with anyone and like the average parent of today, your excuse could be you are just giving them their independence.  If this is you, you should be very ashamed of yourself for not following God's expectancy and just being passive like the average parent within society.   Read this very well, if you are a born again Christian, you are not to be a passive parent, but a loving parent whom regulates your child's life based on biblical scriptures.   As a parent, please take heed, because you may think this sort of thing may never occur with your child, but when it happens than you will be left with a worse problem than you child being rebellious, their mind will be damaged from their experience of child molestation that could have been avoided, in the first place.  

As a christian parent, you must avoid raising your child like parents within the world or else you will someday have to give an account before God. Many parents of missing children may not understand why it happened to them, but just maybe they should have been more into whom their child was communicating with.  It does not matter if it was their teacher or your pastor, you cannot trust others whom are accompanying your child when they are not around you.  Now is the time, for you to sit your children down and let them know how you as a parent is going to regulate their communications and relations with other people.  Therefore, do not just raise your child, but also protect them and make them understand, because you love them, you must set down regulations when communicating with others outside of your household.

Teacher, 40, 'had six-month sexual relationship with student, 14, after wooing him on Words with Friends and Facebook chat'

Most incidents allegedly took place in Marie Johnson's car

By Rachel Quigley

A teacher is accused of having a six-month sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student which started through the smart phone game Words with Friends, text messages and Facebook chats.

Granada High School math teacher Marie Johnson, 40, from Livermore, California, was arrested and booked on 24 counts of sexual assault charges on Wednesday.

Authorities believe the relationship started in December 2010 until May 2011, with most incidents taking place in the 40-year-old's car...Read full article, here:

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