Today's Mega Ministries Must Cease To Diminish (Homosexuality) Sin In America

After the scandals of last year in 2011, God expects mega ministries to cease. The series of church scandals are as follows: the late Zachery Tims being found dead with a white powdery substance found in his pocket; Bishop Eddie Long being caught in a series of alleged previous affairs with young teens; COGIC pastors whom were alleged charged with molesting young girls and boys; gospel artists coming out as bold homosexuals and supporting Barack Obama's gay agenda, among other previous news that stunned the nation in previous years, we must fast and pray for mega ministries to now cease.   We deeply feel since the existence of mega ministries, there has been too many scandals within God's Kingdom and God is not happy about it.  Since the era of mega ministries, there has been too much focus on the celebrity status of preachers whom seek fame and fortune, which has not been strong enough to combat sin in America.

Of course, sin has always been among mankind since Adam disobeyed God and chose to listen to Eve.   Therefore, we acknowledge sin is personal choice and will not completely ever cease until Jesus returns.  However, God hold those who preach His Word accountable for how they live their lives.   To escape guilt, many of today's preachers have avoided preaching against sin.  The majority of them are involved with so many worldly activities, they really do not have a right to preach against sin.  So, the next step would be for them to step down, which many of them fail to do.   For the ones whom have refused to step down, their secret lives have been revealed before the nation and such scandals have been the previous divorces among famous celebrity preachers like Randy and Paula White, Bishop Thomas Weeks and Dr. Juanita Bynum and sadly of course, the late Zachery Tims and his dear ex-wife, Pastor Riva Tims.  You see, now that the gay agenda has been supported within our nation, many pastors, bishops and evangelists have not been empowered to command demons of homosexuality or any other sin to flee.  The carnality of pastors of prominent mega ministries are too weak to take authority within this nation.  God is looking for more boldness among ministers to live complete holy lives and are very cautious how they operate His House, which many are running like their corporate businesses.   The souls of many of today's church leaders have not been seasoned enough in God to help reshape America.  We always hear, it is God's problem, only He can change things, but that is completely wrong.  Ministers of the gospel have an assignment from God and that is to speak the truth into the souls of men, not just how to make money and escape poverty.  Pastors who have been truly been called by God to preach His Word must now preach against sin and get sin out of their own lives.  It must not be so relevant to create the next motion picture and be known like Bishop T. D. Jakes among celebrities.   God is expecting true full gospel ministries and wants carnality completely out of pulpits and the pews.  Enough flow showing as rich ministers with huge congregations and more soul saving and teaching people how to remain cleansed from sin.

Dear saints of God, people are still dying and death has not ignored among those whom are ministers, whether they have a celebrity status and not very well known.  God cannot protect ministers of the gospel, if their main focus is to be the next preacher who earning and six or seven figures, monthly.  Yes, God expects for each and every last minister to have compassion for sinners like His Son, Jesus Christ, but not so much to where they ignore the scripture that tells us not to add or subtract from His Word (which could be found in Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:5 and 6, Rev. 22:18 and 19, including Galatians 1:6-12).  Because the average minister has expected recognition and to network with prestigious pastors of mega ministries, much truth has been subtracted from God's Word and as you can see in the case of Bishop Carlton Pearson's gospel of Inclusion, much has been added to it.  Since the recession has hit this country, there has been more fear for many preachers to preach against sin.  In the midst of this recession in America, pastors want to pacify the souls of men and women who will be so eager to give, regardless of the lack of income, so the latest network has been their mutual agreement to refrain from preaching against homosexuality or anything that may offend those who listen to their sermons.

We must tell you the truth and are so happy we are journalists who are also ministers within God's Kingdom, not connected with mega ministries in any way.  Jesus is coming back soon and you must get your life in order before His return.   Those of you whom have idolized certain celebrity pastors, must be aware of God's wrath, not just His love for you.  God is love, but His wrath has been mentioned in many parts of the Holy Bible.  Many people will suffer for their rebellion against God's Word and it is a sin to be a homosexual, just as much as it is a sin to be an adulterer, a fornicator, a liar, a fortune teller, a sorcerer, a thief or any others we have not mentioned here.   Rather you want to read this or not, there is one pit waiting for millions of souls whom did not take heed to God's Word or refused to preach the truth.

Real soon, it will be a closed chapter among mega ministries, because God is tired of His Word not being completely preached from many pulpits.  It is time out for church conferences and time for more revivals for repentance to spread throughout the nation.  It is time that people seek God more than ever before and if you are a pastor of a mega church, please do not take this article, lightly.  For we have heard many testimonies of people who went on a tour with Jesus Christ and witnessed ministers whom are in eternal hell and damnation.  They did not preach the truth, because either they were too afraid of what others may think about them or they just wanted fame and fortune.  You see, God is keeping record of everything we do and say.   Many may brush off the latest tragedy of the late Dr. Zachery Tims of him being just troubled, but let us assure you, there is more to it than that, God cannot protect ministers who do not obey His Word, just like sinners.  You must now yield from enjoying your status of having a mega church or ministry, so sinners can now turn away from sin and have for reverence for Jesus Christ.  If you do not respect God's House or His Word, than how can sinners have high respect for God's preachers and especially for Him.  Sin kills people and if you refrain from preaching against it, you will be caught up in a worst situation, you will not be able to escape.

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