Zachery Tims Cause of Death To Be Appealed by Mother

Zachery Tims Cause of Death Stayed by Appeal
We have the latest on Zachery Tims' cause of death. Apparently, the autopsy results will remain sealed even though a Manhattan Judge ruled it should be released to the public. reported hours ago that an appeals court in New York has issued a temporary stay on Wednesday. This was after Zachery Tims' mother filed a notice she will be appealing the state Supreme Court ruling.
The courts have given Madeline Tims, mother of Zachery Tims, 30 days to file an appeal after she stated to the court in a four page letter that: "her son's cause of death would be "embarrassing to her, his children, and her grandchildren" and the congregation at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka."

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Zachery Tims Cause of Death To Remain Sealed Pending Mother�s Court Appeal | AT2W


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