5 Best Eco-Friendly Concept Cellular Phone

Along with the vigorous campaign of global warming, create awareness of environmentally friendly products has increased. Although not as active as the automotive industry, mobile phone vendors are starting to make a lot of Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone over the past year. Cellphone with this concept is not fully commercial, but its interesting and sophisticated. As summarized http://www.uniknya.com, here are the best 5 eco-friendly concept mobile phones in 2011:

1. Yana Moskalenko's Solar Mobile Phone
Solar Powered Mobile Phone by Yana Moskalenko. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/) 
Designers Yana Moskalenko, last year designed a solar powered mobile phones that are environmentally friendly and still sophisticated. Using the touch screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with a color depth 17-millions, solar panels mounted on the back of the phone. So, make sure the phone runs on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 frequency with Symbian S60 operating system is still exposed to the sun. In terms of design, Yana designing this series with the dimensions 11.4 x5, 83x10,1 cm and 90 grams weight.

2. Samsung Galaxy Skin
This cellphone is sophisticated. Vendors who came from South Korea designing their Galaxy Skin, so highlight the use of AMOLED screens are known to be very energy efficient. 
Samsung Galaxy Skin. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/)   
With this eco-friendly concept, this concept mobile phone also has the advantage as the most versatile mobile phone ever. If looped, Samsung Galaxy Skin may be such as watches. Fold into will serve as a GPS in the car, can also function horizontally like a log. 
The most flexible mobile phone ever made. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/) 
Although this concept mobile phone that was first introduced in September 2011, will likely be released by Samsung in June 2012.

3. Joseph K. Lee's Solar Mobile Phone
With the concept of solar power in general, the solar panel is stored in the body behind the phone. Unlike the designer Joseph K. Lee who designed this mobile phone can capture its own energy from sunlight so that 80% contained solar powered cell phone battery (the rest still coming from a regular charger). There is no regular keys in it, but a number, text, icons, images, etc. will appear when required as a keypad of a sensitive OLED screens in this series. 
Joseph K. Lee's SIGN. (Picture from: http://www.uniknya.com/) 
By having SIGN (so the name of this cellphone), we certainly do not need worry when forget to bring a charger or want to find a power source.

4. Echo Spin Cellular Telephone
Echo Spin, is a mobile technology company from New York, it's not just the concept of not using electricity as a battery charger. However, it also can make users active moves for battery charging only by gestures. 
Echo Spin Cell-Phone. (Picture from: http://uniknya.com/)
So, once the battery runs out, turn the phone back and then turn your finger in there to follow a circular line. The more play in this circle, the more battery is fully charged, the cellular telephone user's body organs can be more healthy.

5. Origami Mobile Phone
Designers Chengyuan Wei who is an alumnus of Zhejiang University, China, making the concept a very attractive mobile phone. Made from folded paper origami art form or adopt, this phone has its eco-friendly practicality. 
Origami Mobile Phone. (Picture from: http://uniknya.com/)
Because, when you're bored, this origami mobile telephone can be removed by a process of rapid recycling of paper materials. With one SIM card slot, this series offers only the basic functions of mobile phone that is "telephone call". *** [IMAMAL HAKIM | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 05012012]
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