Lifestyle Trigger Decline in Brain Function

British Medical Journal, last week, published the results of research at University College London, UK, who led the debate. The study found that the human brain function deteriorates in the early age of 45 years. A decline in mental reasoning by 3.6 percent at age 45-49 years.

Dr. Anne Corbett, manager of the Community Alzheimer's research, said the research was to enliven the debate that had been developed, ie, when cognitive decline began to occur in humans. "Indeed, this study does not tell us whether people who experience a decrease in brain function are also continuing to develop dementia," she said.

The study also, did not answer how the physician to easily detect early changes of dementia or a decline in brain function caused by abnormalities in the brain. According to Corbett, continued research is needed to fully understand how the changes measured in the brain may help researchers and clinicians to improve diagnosis of dementia.

Head of research at the Great Britain Alzheimer's research center, Dr. Simon Ridley, said he wants to see similar studies applied to a wider population sample.

He added that previous studies showed that human health in middle age affect the risk of suffering from dementia. The greater the risk of a person with age.

"Although we do not have a powerful way to prevent dementia, we know that simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk. Like eating a healthy diet, not smoking and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol at a safe level," said Ridley.

Professor Lindsey Davies, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, said a person does not need to wait until their damaged bodies and minds before taking precautions. "We need to see the importance of approaches to public health," he said. *** [BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL | BBC NEWS | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3760]
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