Updated News on Paula White's Without Walls Central Church

Without Walls Central Church in ruins (according to pictures online)

We also found out by visiting White's Without Walls Central website, that Sheila and Bill Coffey were allegedly the pastors of the church now.
But some things have changed which, one of our sources realized this week. The WWCC webpage with this information on it has been removed and is now blank. On Jan. 4th, when we reported the news, it clearly stated on the webpage:
Without Walls Central in Lakeland Florida is now known as Harbor of Hope Ministries under the leadership of Senior Pastor Sheila Coffey and Co-Pastor Bill Coffey.
It was apparent at time by the above statement, that the new pastoral leadership over WWCC was allegedly now under The Coffeys but the church was named Harbor of Hope Ministries. The above statement clearly gave the impression that Paula White's church at the Lakeland location was now renamed...

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